death of spouse, account ownership, single mobile line, autopay prepaid plan

My cousin's dad recently passed away. About 9 years ago, he and his wife went to local Verizon store and switched from T-m***  to Verizon, and set up an account in his name(account holder is him), keeping his phone number he'd used for years., and the service has been a simple prepaid plan with autopay.  No monthly bills have been missed.

His  wife doesn't have any phone under her name as an account holder.  Since the dad wasn't using his phone much, and  he had a work phone from workplace,  his wife has been using his phone mainly all these years, managing the account.

Wife wants to keep the phone number and continue on with the  prepaid plan and payment.

Can Verizon switch the account from him to her and make her the account holder if she presents a death certificate?

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Customer Service Rep

Good Afternoon! That is a really great question, and we would be happy to help. Can you please send us a Private Note, so we can get you the information needed for this to happen?