Financial Hardship due to receiving Employment benefits issues
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So, I've had Verizon over 10 years.  They are definitely the best service I've ever had, and I have tried all of them.  I was let go from my place of employment on Feb. 17 of this year.  It was over a "political" argument I was having with someone that I didn't get along with. It was mutual. I hadn't even been given any type of warning(s) even.  It was quite unexpected in every way.  My manager, the District manager, and the outside sales person I coordinated for didn't even know about it until the Human Resources manager walked through the door that morning. Anyhow, needless to say, it was far from expected.  So, I was out of work.  I had to cash in my 401K to keep afloat with all the bills coming up due since I wasn't getting a full paycheck, as well as the bonus I received every month from the outside sales person.  I thought I would have started receiving my unemployment benefits way before my money ran out, so I didn't stress - until it did run out and it had been over three months.  I was the sole income provider for our household.  We have borrowed as much as we possibly an from friends and family members until they couldn't anymore.   I had the appeal court appearance with the judge on May 29th ( by phone. That was weird, but it was their thing. Not my request.).  I received the approved verdict from the judge in the mail on June 7th.  So, its good to go.  I still haven't received anything.  I do my employment search every Sunday as directed, and still get a denial.  I don't get it.  Because of all of their bad communication and jumping through hoops that don't seem to matter, my credit score has been severely affected, and I'm late on a lot accounts I have always paid on time or have made good on any arrangements I had made with them. So on top of being completely broke, $0 in my pocket, all of my hard work getting my credit score up their in a good place finally has been completely shot down.  I'm so mad, I don't know what to do about it.  Anyhow, due to financial hardship (not a strong enough word in my book), I have been unable to make a Verizon payment since April.  So, I'm stressed all the time regarding finances, as well as keeping my phone connected as well my my husbands.  So far Verizon has worked with me, and I am forever grateful for that, but at one point they aren't going to be able to.   I even let them know that if they need any documents proving our finances, I would gladly give them.   I tried looking for financial assistance if there was any, but the "Lifeline" I found would only cover up to $15 dollars, or some such silly amount.  I owe over $1000 now on our two phones, and they asked for $684 by tomorrow, 6/22.  I couldn't do it  .  My benefits still haven't come through.  I talked to someone today that helped me out, again, and pushed it out to July 5th.    I'm just at a loss and am desperate for any kind of help to pay it down a few hundred dollars, or....?   Sorry for the long story, but I needed to say why we are having a financial hardship.

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