iPhone Upgrade

I have been with Verizon for many years. I have never used an upgrade. I have been trying to upgrade to an iPhone 14. I called today for the last time I explained that I’m looking for four iPhone 14s I can’t afford to raise my bill. I want to know why Verizon only takes care of new customers. While waiting forever for the agent to get back to me he came back with his idea of a solution. I just have to pay $1660 for an iPhone 15. I told him numerous times I am looking for a 14. It’s time for me to leave and go to another carrier 

Re: iPhone Upgrade
Customer Service Rep

Hello, mrpre10der. Help is here as your business is very important to us. We love treating all our customers with respect and ensure we answer and resolve your concerns. I see you stated you want to upgrade but ensuring you keep the billing down is a must. We hear you loud and clear. Typically, when you are upgrading to a newer phone, there will be an increase in the billing. If this is not an option, are there any other devices that may better suit your budget needs? https://www.verizon.com/shop/online/free-cell-phones/