Add Money to a Prepaid Phone

I purchased a prepaid cellphone after my old one broke, but I can't figure out how to add funds to it. All the links to anything prepaid on redirect me to my billing account, which has my old plan listed, and I can't do anything with that. I have my old SIM card, so at least my phone number's tied to the device, but I've tried activating the new phone online, but the EIM number and the SIM card number don't match (at least that's what the site says). I've triple-checked them, so I know I've input the numbers correctly. I've called Verizon, and waited two hours, only to get transferred three times and have multiple people tell me they couldn't handle what I was asking.

It cannot be this difficult to add funds to a prepaid phone. It just can't. This is absolutely absurd.

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Re: Add Money to a Prepaid Phone
Verizon Employee

It is imperative for you to get the assistance you need with the funds being added to your prepaid account.  We are so sorry for the confusion.  You can contact prepay for a different phone (other than the prepay phone you purchased) by dialing 888.294.6804.


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