Blocked messaging
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I've been receiving this message from Verizon ever since I blocked a number of very toxic person last year (someone who was warned not to message me or legal action would be taken) "Verizon Msg: You cannot send messages to destinations that are blocked by the account owner". I haven't messaged any blocked numbers whatsoever. I'm using a galaxy S10+ with the standard messaging app that comes with the phone, this number is blocked from my device AND on verizon smart family, & before you suggest it, yes I have already tried removing the blocked number & reblocking it again numerous times & it doesn't work. I do have multiple blocked numbers,  however, I know it is this toxic person trying to message me because I have received this message from Verizon dozens of times in the past after blocking a number (including this person's). They're also the only person on the planet that tries to message me in the early morning hours (I literally haven't texted anyone except family in months). Why am I still receiving these messages over & over again??? I'm not 100% sure if the other person has Verizon, but I think they do (if that matters).

Re: Blocked messaging
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Being able to block a number from texting you is extremely important. We want to look into this for you. Please send us a Private Note, romanticide.