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My Smart Family parent app reported 2 times that my son was using LINE app. I know what he has on his phone as I have all his passwords, etc. and full access to his phone. He doesn't have LINE. In fact, I tried to add LINE to see if he had managed to hide it, and could not. (The LINE system said I could not register in my region). So...I blocked it through Smart Family and it still showed up two more times.

Next, it has chunks of time where there is no location info. when I know exactly where he was. Just nothing.  It tells me he arrives home from school two hours after he walks through the door. 

Has anyone had theseissue? Smart Family is certainly not worth the cost.

Re: Smart Family App
Customer Service Rep

We understand the need for the Smart Family app to work properly to ensure it is reporting correctly. Is the app on the latest update? Is it also updated on your child's phone? ~Peter