Call preference for bluetooth and headphone jack out
OK, so I use the AUX input in my car to listen to music on stored my Fascinate. I also have an integrated Bluetooth in the car so I can make calls. When I make and answer calls, the phone directs the sound of the call out of the headphone jack instead of defaulting to Bluetooth where I initiated the call. Sound will only go out the Bluetooth when I unplug the headset. Is there a setting I can change or is this an outstanding bug?  This does not work this way on my old blackberry.
I am utilizing a standard headset wire for my AUX cable and not one with a mic in it.
This is a huge nescience and somewhat of a show stopper for me. If I can't get this corrected before my 30 days are up I plan on returning the phone
Re: Call preference for bluetooth and headphone jack out
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Below are the supported Bluetooth profiles for the Samsung Fascinate:

Headset: HSP v1.1 profile supports use of a compatible Bluetooth
headset for mono voice.

Handsfree: HFP v1.5 profile supports Bluetooth headsets, and may
also support other installed compatible Bluetooth devices with
speakerphone capabilities.

Stereo: A2DP v1.0, AVRCP v1.0, GAVDP and AVDTP profiles support
delivery of stereo audio to a compatible Bluetooth device.

Phonebook Access: PBAP v1.0 profile allows sharing of multiple
name card and phonebook entries with a compatible Bluetooth device.

Object Push: OPP v1.1 profile allows sending and receiving of contact
name cards (vCard 2.1) and calendar events (vCalendar) between


This device does not support all Bluetooth profiles.
For vehicle/accessory compatibility, visit


***Depending on your vehicle type, the delivery of stereo or RX/TX audio may not be compatible or available yet for the Samsung Fascinate. Currently, there is no setting native to the device that performs the function that you require. The compatibility will depend on the car manufacture and the device manufacture.