Copying old sd card to new phone?

Trying to transfer pics from sd card in EnV Touch to my new Facinate.  i put my sd card from the Touch into new phone with the intention of

1. saving the pics to the phone memory

2. removing old sd card

3. reinserting Facinate sd card

4. saving pics to card


This seemed the logical procedure (at least for me, given my technological-concepts limitations).  cant find a way to save to phone memory and transfer.  Please help!!:womansad:

Re: Copying old sd card to new phone?
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I would transfer the old sdcard content to my pc, then copy it from the pc to the new sdcard.

Then you also have a backup on the pc.

Re: Copying old sd card to new phone?
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You won't be able to save to the phones memory. Ibm360 has the answer. If you don't have a pc, You might be able to insert your old card and email your pics to yourself, then reinsert the new card, and save the pics from your email. Haven't tried that, but seems like it would work. As long as the Fascinate will read your old card with pics.
Re: Copying old sd card to new phone?
Verizon Employee

Thanks for your inquiry. Adding to what was said, the old memory card was formatted for use in the previous phone. In most cases, if your trying to use an old memory card, it may need to be formatted for a different device. You can use the suggestions provided by others to save the pictures on a computer from your old card before you format it to be used in the new phone. Please bear in mind, formatting the memory card erases all data saved on it. Some memory cards are reasonably priced and a good investment. Getting a new memory card to be used in your new phone will be a great idea and give added storage space.