Device replacement
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I am beyond upset. Per Verizon equipment protection programs “same day device replacement for stolen , lost, or damaged devices. Which is a complete lie! I dropped my device last night, contacted addition and Verizon. I had 3 important Health calls for today, and missed them. Addition does not have my same device model in stock it is on back order, Verizon said I cannot go in store and obtain a replacement there! COVID-19 response to customers my butt. They have no support. So now assurion has no devices, Verizon is no help! I pay a good about for both Verizon protect and Verizon protect home each month, yet when I need services they act with attitudes!!! Then offer me to pay cash price for a device at store then refund me later? Seriously. During these times, there’s many of us that cannot afford to do so! 

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Not sure what the purpose of this post is since Verizon has nothing to do with Asurion's stock. 

Next time be more careful with devices.

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I am very sorry to hear about the device being damaged, this is never fun to deal with. We want to do all we can to help make sure you get a device replacement as quickly as possible. Have you ordered and/or received yours yet?