Galaxy S22 Ultra Unlocked - Cannot activate eSIM
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Received a new Galaxy S22 Ultra direct from Samsung a month ago. I have literally wasted hours and hours with Verizon tech support trying to transfer my existing number on my pSIM to the eSIM.  I will eventually add my AT&T FirstNet pSIM for my work line.  I have had multiple tickets and widely different answers from Verizon support, the latest today being that I must order a new second line to get my eSIM to work 🤥.  I constantly have to cut and paste from Verizon's own website and tell the chat agents how eSIM works and that no you don't have to add a new second line.  I should be able to operate my phone on only the eSIM, if that's what I choose.

I know from all of my research and finally, some good tech support from a Verizon corporate store an hour away, that the problem is the EID for the S22 needs to be programmed with a Verizon eSIM for this to work. Unlocked phones are not in Verizon's eSIM database and must be manually added. The EID is similar to the pSIM's ICCID, however it is 32 digits long vs. 20 and the techs get all confused.  Then they try to link the IMEI2 for the eSIM to my old ICCID that's linked to my pSIM.  I do not want to use my old Verizon pSIM card.

Some people with the exact same setup (running FirstNet on pSIM, Verizon on eSIM) have been lucky and finally land a tech specialist who knows how to do this. Has anyone else experienced this issue and resolved it, and if so, how did you get to the right person?  I have a current open support ticket but no one cares to review it or tries to help me.  They all want to start from their basic troubleshooting template and I am beyond frustrated. 

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Re: Galaxy S22 Ultra Unlocked - Cannot activate eSIM
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Hi, I am having the same issue. March 30th I submitted an AYS ticket to get my s22 ultra esim working with vz and it was not closed until the 10th of april. I successfully activated my esim on the ultra on the 8th or 9th with regular customer service somehow after having to explain to him how esim works. There are no remarks on the ays ticket as to what the fix is which is obnoxious. I attempted to activate my s22 plus on the 9th or 10th with no luck, submitted a ticket and it has been four days with no updates. I also received no contact about the ticket for the ultra yet they updating it stating that I was informed of the resolved status of said ticket, which I clearly was not. Plus customer service got it working prior to the ticket being closed. So I do not know what is going on here. I really would like my esim working as it did in my s21 ultras I had prior to purchasing the s22 ultra as well as plus direct from samsung. I have theorized that verizon doesnt have the esim imei list from samsung to know which imei should be treated which way in the system and they just need to manually add them but Im not entirely sure. Have you gotten anything working or gotten any updates yet?


I also would like to add that as a vz employee, I know for a fact nobody I am able to contact within Verizon knows a single thing about this issue. Someone higher up may, but nobody I can get ahold of.

Re: Galaxy S22 Ultra Unlocked - Cannot activate eSIM
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Same issue here. Have you been able to resolve this? So frustrating because I bought an unlocked phone that could support eSIM for international travel. Verizon has tried so hard to convince me that they are working this as fast they can, but it has been 5 days already and no resolve. I am now sitting in this very same boat. Verizon techs seem unable to build an eSIM profile using only 16 digits. Nor does the website have any other options to resolve. Very sad, considering that I have been a staunch VZW supporter for over 14 years and they cannot seem to work this one minor thing with me.