On Message ...What does a triangle with an exclamation point in my message mean?

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Message+  ...What does a triangle with an exclamation point in my message mean?

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It means something went wrong and you have to either resend it fix something else that was preventing the message from completing it.

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something important.....you might be getting severe wx info, amber alert, etc.

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It's definitely important to understand all the notifications on your phone, Trickey1976. As Ann154 mentioned, the message didn't go through. If you press and hold the notification in your app, it should say what the issue is. You may just need to resend the message.


If it still doesn't go through, please power the phone OFF for 2-minutes, and restart to see if it clears up.


Please keep us posted.


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In messaging on an Android, if I press the triangle it does nothing but bring up the usual options, eg. send message, delete message, etc.

If i turn off the phone, it also does not correct the triangles.  How about a definitive answer?

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It means that something went wrong with the message sending - perhaps you did not have enough signal to send the message.  It will continue trying to send that message until you delete it.  It is important to know that the message will continue to send out however it initially was trying to be sent.  For example if you tried to send a photo on the mobile network and you did not have a good enough signal, it will keep trying to send it on the mobile network EVEN if you then connect to Wifi.  We were being upcharged for data last month at a unrealistic rate.  When we deleted all of those messages witht the triangle, the data was no longer being used. FYI - watch your data usage.  The only way that we figured this out was with an awesome technician that spent over an hour helping us out.