Rebate $200 per line for switching
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I made the switch over from T-Mobile on April 3 rd of this year.  I was promised a $200 rebate per line for the switch over for a total of $600.  That is a nice incentive to make a switch.  It is now August 12 th, and I am still to see this $600.  I have talked to Verizon, including the rebate office, over 15 times.  This issue is still not resolved.  Just this evening I have been on the phone for over 4  hours with nothing being accomplished. Anytime I have asked to talk to a supervisor I have been transferred to the wrong department and then I have been disconnected with.  I have not lost my cool, do not know how I have not to tell the truth.  I am however beyond frustrated.  My phone has been disconnected due to these issues 4 times now.   I was told that the account would be issued credits for those disconnects.  As of right now I have a credit owed to me for a grand total of $840.  This of course does not include all the personal and family time I have had to waste trying to have this issue corrected.  Over 4 hours just today.  This is beyond ridiculous.  I am beyond over this and wish I had never made the switch.  What is really sad, overall the phone service has been fantastic. I am puzzled how a company can run this way.  To be honest I have talked to a few very nice and helpful people. However due to the lack of professionalism of other Representatives, not putting notes in the system, which is a part of their job.  So every time I have had to start over again.  How can I get this fixed and resolved?  Seems like it will never will be.  

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Re: Rebate $200 per line for switching
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Do you have a copy of the ad that offered you the rebate? Is the rebate offer in writing in the contract your signed? Did you process all the necessary paperwork to get the renate? If yes then take them to small claims court. If no then the promises made will be long in coming if at all.