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Receiving a fax


Apparently my Visual Voice Mail service has a fax service as well. I tried sending a fax to my number and it was sent ok. However, I do not receive any notifications about it, and when I call my VM all I get is "no messages". There are no options in my VM for the fax at all.

So the question is how do I get to this fax in the first place?



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Re: Receiving a fax
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Mr071, thank you for your inquiry. The ability to send fax messages is a very nice feature of visual voicemail. You are not able to view the fax on the phone itself, but when need a fax number to forward the fax to. This would be helpful in cases where someone needs to send you a fax, but you are not presently near a fax machine. You can have them send the fax to your cell number, then later forward to a fax machine to print. Here are instructions for forwarding the message:

  1. Press *VM (*86)
  2. Press SEND.
    Note If there is a sytem greeting, press the # immediately to interrupt it. 
  3. Enter the password then press #
  4. Press the number 0 to access the main menu. 
  5. Press 1 for messages. 
  6. Press 3 for fax messages. 
  7. Press 2 to print the fax image. 
    • Press 1 to print to the primary fax printing destination. 
    • Press 2 to print to an alternate fax printing destination, enter the 10-digit mobile number for the fax printing destination then press #.



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Re: Receiving a fax

Sorry, this cookie-cutter response is useless. Have you TRIED this on any voice mailbox? This does not work. Pressing 0 does nothing expect tells you how many voicemails there are. The the options of the main menu are listed: 1 is phone voice messages, but 3 is NOT for a fax but rather to check deliver or something Iike that.

Please TRY this and when you get a set of instructions that works I would like to hear them.


Re: Receiving a fax

As you will see in response to the many queries just like yours on these message boards, Verizon has robots that simply cut and paste the same useless directions about this.

There was a time when you would (a) get a notice that you had a fax, (b) could actually see the fax on the phone and (c) forward the fax to dropbox, email, or just download it to your phone.

That day is gone, it seems, and no reasonable human being at Verizon seems to be in charge of this service. Good luck is all I can say.