Remove third party voicemail greeting

I need tech support for removing a third party voicemail greeting from my phone. I downloaded an app to block spam calls and didnt end up liking it, fully uninstalled. But it still has control of my voicemail. I'm not sure how to remove. I have tried switching to a standard greeting, and I've rerecorded a custom message. No luck. I have a samsung galaxy S10.

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Re: Remove third party voicemail greeting
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Making sure that you are able to use your Voicemail is definitely important, and I would be more that nappy to help you look into going back to your standard Voicemail once again. The first thing I would recommend is to try resetting your voicemail by dialing *86. You can also go to your My Verizon to do this as well. The following link will show you how: AlfredoR_VZW