Why did my data usage increase by several gigabytes as soon I purchased a new phone?

On the day after I upgraded to a Galaxy9+, my data usage as shown by Verizon increased dramatically, causing me to run out of data and incur fees.  Nothing changed in my usage of data.  Suddenly, apps that used little data are shown to be using 1/3 to 1/2 a gigabyte withing minutes.

I am an experienced user and a senior application architect for another communications company.  There is no logical reason for this increase, other than gouging.  I am profoundly disappointed in Version for stooping this low in a search for yet more profits.

I purchased this phone at Costco.  I have a few months to return the phone and will do so if this issue cannot be resolved.

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Several reasons I can think of...

1.  It may be a larger screen, more pixels and faster processor than your old phone.  This will naturally use more data.

2.  I’ve never had a new phone without using it more the first month or so.  Just setting it up the way I want is gradual. 

3.  If there is a massive difference it might not be connecting to Wifi/defective.  Less likely.

    Carriers do not control your data usage.  It’s between you and your applications.  Your phone shows data use in settings by bill cycle and application.  You have to set the cycle dates.    Once that’s done you can see current and past use by cycle an compare to your bill Each month.


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That's a great visual aid.

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It may be that when you activated your new phone, Google and or Verizon cloud downloaded your old info from your old phone to your new one. If you aren't on WiFi you can use a lot of data with address book, email set up info, photos, music, apps being transferred from old phone to new one. Apps updating on new phone. Your new phone updating with the newest android OS updates. That is my guess and it should be a one time event.


chances are you're getting notifications for every app/social media you use.

settings/notifications....select which you want notifications from.

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I can definitely understand your concern with an increase in data usage with your new phone, DKPIPER. There has been a lot of good information provided by the community to help narrow down the suspect. We only provide the data that is requested by your phone as mama23dogs had mentioned. If you’re showing that specific applications requested a large amount of data, it’s possible that your new device may not yet have been connected to Wi-Fi. Have you seen the same type of data usage since this time? Have you had any trouble with Wi-Fi on your new device?

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