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Bought a Note 20 Ultra over the phone on 11/28/2020 with a Verizon representative  and changed address on the 30th. They said it would take up to 2 days for it to process the address change. Called on 12/02 and 12/03/2020 and was told it was already sent to the carrier by both agents but it didn't show on the Verizon app or website. I call again today,  12/04/2020 and this Verizon representative said that it hasn't even shipped out and just to wait for a notification that is shipped. An hour after I got off the phone,  I suddenly get a notification and it says my order has shipped but the tracking number says "ZEROTRACKING". I read in a forum that this usually means you're not getting your order... Is this true? 

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I would say that the order has been either cancelled or something seems suspicious to me I would call and inquire and check if the payment been taken out or been refunded

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Getting a new phone is always an exciting time! We're sorry to hear that you have been having issues with your order being shipped. On your My Verizon account, what does it show for the status of the order?