bill over charge
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As of Dec 21 I had 0 balance . My new bill ftom dec 22 to jan 21 785.00 added onto my regular phone bill . They said on customer service and one chat rep it  was a past due balance. How can it be past due balance if dec 21 I had zero balance. And dec 22 bill started out as 0. And my bill also says it was for a device  buyout  charge. I did not do a device buy out or authorize it. I have always done mine with a  2 year contract. My phone they have that associated will has been paid off for over a year. They are both answers I got are incorrect!!  I've talked n talked to them and still say I' owe the 785.00 that was added to my regular bill.

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Re: bill over charge
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We want to ensure you get the assistance you need, Overcharged2021. Please send us a Private Note and allow us to look into your billing concerns more in depth regarding your device buyout charge.