Most Valuable Posts 02/12/23
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The Verizon Community Most Valuable Posting is where we recognize the great work that you all, our community, continue to do each week in our forums. Even if you’re not listed below, we want to extend a special THANK YOU for all your contributions this week. If you are listed below, EXTRA KUDOS to you!! We truly appreciate you! Until next week… ❤️


Featured Question or Quote of the Week:


Quote: lost cell phone with active Verizon account, is it possible to locate device now”  - matthewhix75


Quote: Using Roku with the new Fios box.”  - Meemer12


Spotlight of the Week (Topic or Post)


Topic:  vtext message length” 


Topic:  MMS locking up for 20 minutes during period of high texting volume”   


Topic:  SIM and eSIM for a Second Line” 


Topic:  Dropped Calls Using WiFi (Android)”   


Topic:  ”My Verizon App Error after taking App Version update” 


Topic:  ”I think Verizon stole my phone...” 


Topic:  ”Verizon Messages+ Not Alerting or Showing Group Messages” 


Topic:  ”Swapping Devices on New Line” 


Topic:  ”$200 credit for switching line from another provider” 


Topic:  ”Verizon International Survey” 


Top Liked Authors: Thanks so much for your posts this week! Kudos to you all!! 😊


Cang_Household:   11


jav6:   5


clem21:   5


Txsny:   5


Tk1670:   4


coryjb:   2


chertz:   2


Shari721:   2


imcrow40:   2


bubbles22:   2




This week’s MVPs are members who have been nominated for their multiple helpful posts as in this post,  this post , and this post.


Thank you so much Cang_Householdclem21 , and jav6 ! Congratulations!!! 👏🏻


Best Regards! ❤️


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