Promotional Credits Removed
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For 2 years I have been receiving device promotional credits for three of my lines. I have been on the cheapest plan and there was no requirement to be on any specific plan when the three phones were purchased. I have a fourth line receiving a promotional credit that does require a more expensive plan to continue to qualify for the credit. In December when my router quit working, the representative said there was a new Verizon plan that would be a few dollars cheaper for my three lines so I agreed to switch to that plan. Soon after, two of the three lines stopped receiving their device promotional credit. I made numerous phone calls where I was placed on hold or disconnected. I finally spoke to a representative who said he had a form to complete to prove that I still qualified for my device promotional credits for those two lines. We spent an hour on the phone as I was helping him fill out the information required on the form to restore my credits. I still have my contracts which prove that I am not required to be in any specific plan to receive the device promotional credits. He then gave a one-time credit to my bill to cover the loss of the credit while it was being resolved. Not long after that form was submitted, I received an email that my third line was losing its device promotional credit. Note that they were all bought on the same date at Costco. I called again and demanded to speak with a supervisor who initially thought I was in a contract that required a more expensive plan. I explained that I was well aware that some contracts required a more expensive plan and that one of our lines continues to receive the device promotional credit because it is in a more expensive plan. After he investigated my other three lines he acknowledged that they did not need to be in any specific plan to receive the device promotional credit. He provided me with another one-time credit and reassured me that my credits for the three lines would be returned as I have one year left to receive these credits before the phones are paid off. I have just logged in to look at my bill and nothing has changed. I still do not have the credits added back on my account. I'm exhausted from calling multiple times and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Everyone I've talked to at Verizon agrees that I should still be receiving the credits on three of my lines but nothing ever changes on my bill. Who do I need to talk to to finally get this resolved?

Re: Promotional Credits Removed
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Hello, Rookrook. Help is here as we can provide some answers. I have sent you a Private Message for assistance.