Switching carriers and phone trade in credit?
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Hi there!

I was looking for help on this question. In October 2022 I was due for an upgrade and got the New I-Phone 14 pro and traded in my I-Phone 11 pro. I took really good care of my phone so when I sent it in for trade in credit, I basically got the I-Phone 14 for free. My trade in credit is currently paying my phone. However, I just got married and my husband is currently with At&t, I am going to switch over but I do not plan to keep the phone. I spoke to customer service through the website chat and he said I just have to turn in the phone to a Verizon store since I basically got it for free and that I would not have to pay anything. I just want to make sure that I won't be responsible for paying off the phone and can cut ties with Verizon appropriately but keeping my phone number. 

Any advice would be great! 

Thank you in advance 🙂 

Re: Switching carriers and phone trade in credit?
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Thank you so much for reaching us on this platform, uhllexa424. In order to get more details about your Verizon account and provide you appropriate information it's important to communicate with us and check your account. You can reach us on this link or by phone if you prefer. 




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