Block unwanted spam with Call Filter and Call Filter Plus

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Spam calls… just the mention of these pesky, unwanted calls is enough to bum most of us out.  The bottom line is that nobody likes spam calls.  They are distracting and take you away from your day but sometimes you see an incoming call from an unfamiliar number and you’re not sure it’s spam, you want to pick it up.  What if it’s something important, like a medical office that needs to reach out or a family member borrowing someone else’s phone in an emergency?

category filter.jpgLuckily, Verizon has you covered with Call Filter.  Call Filter detects spam calls by using analytics and databases to detect spam calls.  These databases are constantly updated to keep unwanted calls away.  The basic level of the service, Call Filter Free, is available for all Verizon customers - you’re probably already enrolled.

For those of us who want even more control over our incoming calls, Call Filter Plus unlocks even more features to manage blocking unwanted calls:

  • Block By Category - gives you the most granular control over the types of calls that are blocked.  You can specifically block or unblock non-profit calls, political campaigns, surveys, and telemarketers.
  • Caller Name ID - puts a name to unknown callers
  • Spam Lookup - gives you access to a database of over 100M spam callers
  • Risk Meter - shows you the probability that a call is potential spam in real time

All of these features give you more information and more personalization.  For example, maybe you want to block telemarketers (who doesn’t?) but you’re politically active in your community and want to make sure you can be reached by political campaigns and non-profits?  Call Filter Plus has you covered at $3.99/mo. per line or $10.99/mo. for 3+ lines to cover the whole family.