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But who or what is the unsung hero of your favorite games?


By: George Koroneos - Manager External Communications

Two months after the season ended in Las Vegas, football is back on the main stage, with the Draft roaring into the Motor City, Detroit, MI.

The 2024 championship game had some impressive high points - a second-half turnaround, quite possibly the highest volume of #TSwizzle mentions in a single football broadcast, and of course, our unbreakable advertising spot with a legendary lemonade songstress.

But for Verizon, our innovation took center stage with Coach-to-Coach communications, a managed private wireless network solution that enables secure and reliable communication between the coaches of the competing teams during the biggest game of the year.

Our very own tech aficionado George Koroneos, broke down Coach-to-Coach tech and spoke with Verizon Business CEO, Kyle Malady on what makes this technology so special and adaptable for businesses.

What is Coach-to-Coach communications?

Coach-to-Coach utilizes custom headsets equipped with SIM cards that connect to a dedicated system of radios at the field level. This creates a private signal exclusive to the coaching staff, eliminating any interference, lag, or downtime that could affect the game strategy.

There’s even a digital dashboard that allows teams to customize who can talk to whom, streamlining the communication flow and reducing the risk of miscommunication.

“NFL games come down to only a handful of plays. And if your communication isn’t rock solid 100% of the time, you risk maybe blowing up one of those plays because your communications didn’t work,” said Malady.

Life beyond the stadium

However, Verizon’s managed private network solution is not designed solely for professional sports. At its heart, Coach-to-Coach is a managed wireless network that can work for any business, whether a sold-out stadium in Las Vegas, a farm in rural Iowa, or a manufacturing floor in Philadelphia - Verizon Business’s private and managed networks provide unmatched security and unparalleled reliability.

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About the author: George Koroneos is PR manager for the Verizon Consumer Group and resident tech and gadget expert.