Introducing myPlan!

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myPlan , Verizon’s most flexible wireless plan, is now available! We’ve put an end to the “one size fits all” approach to mobile plans and now provide a customizable plan that allows you to pay for only what you use and nothing more. You can also change your myPlan at any time to make sure you’re always using the perks that are right for you

The first step is to choose your Unlimited network option. Unlimited Welcome offers Verizon’s fast and reliable 5G network. Our premium option, Unlimited Plus, offers 5G Ultra Wideband, 30GB of data to use your device as a mobile hotspot, and 50% off a plan for a smart watch, tablet, hotspot or Hum device.


Once you have chosen a network option, it’s time to get into the fun part: the perks!  Every single one is only $10/mo and they each provide savings and convenience to connect you with services that you use every day.  There will also be new perks added! Here are some examples of perks which are offered at launch:

Disney Bundle - Subscriptions for hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+, a savings of $4.99/mo

100GB Mobile Hotspot - For our heavy hotspot users, we have you covered!  A savings of $35/mo!

Apple One - With Apple One, you have access to Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade and iCloud, a savings of $6.95/mo.

3 TravelPass Days - For our jetsetters, travel worry free with a savings of $20/mo.


You can also start with Verizon’s most popular plans and customize from there.  Think of it as a plan template that you can hone to fit yours and your family’s needs! For example, a plan that pairs Unlimited Welcome with a membership for Walmart+, which also includes a subscription to Paramount+.


myPlan starts at just $30/mo with an autopay discount.  Learn more about myPlan and get started customizing yours today!

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