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Verizon Smart Family is a service that allows you to track your child or other family members’ locations, set up content filters, monitor web browsing and more!  Verizon Smart Family is a paid service with two tiers: Smart Family and Smart Family Premium.  Let’s take a deeper dive to learn what Smart Family can provide for your family!

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Content Filters - Keep your children protected from objectionable content, malware and more with different filters to ensure that you’re only blocking what you need to and nothing more.  You can even add trusted websites that bypass these filters.

Monitor Web & Apps - See a breakdown of your child’s web activity by categories including Social Media, Games and Entertainment.  Note: The child’s phone will receive a text message to notify them that this is being monitored.

Pause Internet - Turn off web browsing on your child’s device to block access during any time such as school or homework hours.

Trusted Contacts Only - Limit who your child’s device is able to contact.  You are able to set up blocked contacts or trusted contacts that bypass any filters you’ve set up so you can always be sure that you’re able to contact your child.

Noteworthy Events - Receive notifications if your child was accessing the internet during any time you choose (such as the middle of the night) and get alerted to suspicious app or website visits.

Location Tracking* - You’ll always know where they are and you can set up alerts to notify you when they leave or arrive at a certain location.

Pick Me Up* - One button is all it takes for your child to request a ride home!  You will receive a notification when this happens, complete with their family apps.png

Driving Insights* - Check in on where and how your kids are driving, complete with speed information and crash detection so you can be sure to be notified immediately in case of an emergency.

*Smart Family Premium only


The best part is that you can pick and choose which of these services you are using at any given time!  It’s not limited to

 kids either - my family of adults uses Verizon Smart Family to know each other’s locations, but we do not use any of the content filtering.  This means you can configure Smart Family to work for your needs!

Try Verizon Smart Family Premium for FREE for 30 days!  After that, the basic subscription is $4.99/mo with Smart Family Premium at $9.99/mo.

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