Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband transforms the NFL fan experience

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Have you ever been at a concert or sporting event and experienced show network speeds because everyone was trying to use their phones at the same time?  Now, in all 30 NFL stadiums, those days are over!


Recently, Verizon completed network upgrades in three NFL stadiums, completing the quest of bringing 5G Ultra to every NFL fan.  Here are some of the ways that this upgrade will make it easier for fans to stay engaged with both the game in front of them and the world outside:

  • Watch game highlights and replays of the game you’re at, not worrying if the video will load before the next play happens on the field.
  • Keep track of other games and, perhaps most importantly, your fantasy team!
  • Use your mobile wallet for quick transactions at concessions, bringing you back to your seat faster.
  • Access your mobile tickets outside the stadium worry-free.x
  • Keep tabs on social feeds and freely post to them and not have to wait for your posts to upload.


Verizon customers typically use a total of about 1TB of data over the course of a game.  Now fans can stay connected more than ever before while cheering on their favorite team.

Haven’t experienced the power of Verizon’s fastest network?  Sign up for the Verizon Free Trial to get unlimited premium data on 5G Ultra Wideband for 30 days for free!  No more worrying about whether you’ll have Wi-Fi at the event - the network has you covered!

Article originally posted on Verizon News Center: Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband keeps football fans connected in all 30 NFL Stadiums

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