Verizon introduces new customer-first programs and benefits, refreshes the brand

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NEW YORK - Verizon is announcing new programs and benefits that continue to give customers more choices and flexibility, and advance the momentum in the business. Verizon is also refreshing its brand, bringing forward the energy and vibrancy of how people live, work and play, powered by Verizon. The refreshed branding and creative formats will be rolling out across the company’s consumer, business and network footprints.

Verizon is introducing new choices and flexibility for Home Internet customers with the launch of myHome, an extension of its popular myPlan mobile offering, and implementing an always-on guaranteed phone trade-in program for new and existing mobility customers. The company also unveiled Verizon Access, a new platform for all customers that provides exclusive access to the most sought-after events and experiences, including NFL games, music festivals, concerts and more. Verizon Business is also launching an industry-first smartphone management solution that offers business customers more choices and peace of mind for managing their company’s smartphones.

“Verizon is one of the most recognizable brands. By listening to our customers, we continue to significantly evolve our offerings and brand promise to connect people when it matters most on our reliable network,” said Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg. “We never stop pushing the industry forward and delivering more value to all of our customers. This next chapter is a continuation of our journey of service and innovation.”

“Verizon is a strong, trusted brand that plays a critical role in people's lives, but most of what we do is often invisible and behind the scenes. We want to make the invisible, visible,” says Leslie Berland, Verizon Chief Marketing Officer. “The new logo, design system and creative approach pulls inspiration from the company's heritage while infusing the energy, vibrancy, and experience of life powered by everything Verizon offers.”

These bold moves are a continuation of how the company is building for customers’ needs. New offerings and benefits now available to Verizon customers include: 

  • myHome: Home internet and entertainment made simple. A year ago, Verizon introduced the industry’s most customizable mobile plan with myPlan, which continues to be upgraded with new exclusive offerings based on customer feedback. Now, all Verizon Home Internet customers can also benefit from choice, flexibility and value with the launch of myHome: a one-stop shop for internet, entertainment and connected home offerings. Choose content perks from top streaming services for just $10/month. That means great value on Netflix & Max (with ads), Disney Bundle (including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+), YouTube Premium, and Walmart+ membership with an included Paramount+ subscription. Get Apple One and Apple Music Family coming later this summer. With fast, reliable home internet coverage, guaranteed pricing for up to 4 years, no hidden fees, no equipment charges and major savings on the entertainment customers love, myHome brings customers the choice, flexibility, value and most of all, simplicity. Learn more about myHome.
  • Our best-yet guaranteed trade-in program: Starting today, Verizon is taking our industry-leading any model, any condition, smartphone trade-in program to the next level, expanding eligibility across all of our myPlan unlimited tiers.1 Cracked screen? Battery that won’t hold a charge? Vintage, but not in a good way? Trade it in and get guaranteed value - no questions asked. Simply put, smartphones from top brands are worth more at Verizon than ever before. And, Verizon is the only carrier making that promise. Learn more about the guaranteed trade-in program.
  • Verizon Access: Verizon is launching a premium access program, with incredible pre-sales, free giveaways, and highly sought-after events – no strings attached, simply for being a Verizon customer. This includes thousands of tickets to concerts and music festivals through pre-sales, ticket giveaways and select seats, kicking off on June 27 with pre-sale access to Jelly Roll’s Beautifully Broken Tour; tickets to Copa America matches; access to every game this NFL season for all 32 teams, including Kickoff in Brazil; passes to red carpet movie premieres; and more. Learn more about Verizon Access.
  • Verizon Business Complete: Verizon Business just introduced an end-to-end smartphone management solution that grants customers peace of mind on everything from shipping and setup to replacement and recycling. This allows customers flexibility on how they procure and provision devices for their business. And Verizon is the only U.S. carrier currently offering it. Read more about Verizon Business Complete.

As customer offerings expand, the brand will begin showing up in a new way for consumers and business customers, both nationally and internationally. The company is introducing a new logo: a red V with a yellow glow, which anchors in the Verizon name - Veritas (truth) and Horizon (the future of possibility). The refreshed design system reflects that energy with new color palettes, photography, and new TV and digital formats that reflect the way people live, work and play. These changes will roll out across marketing, digital properties, including the website and apps, and in retail stores in the coming years. This supports the momentum in the business while staying within current investments.

To announce the brand evolution, the company released a new TV spot that harkens back to its iconic “Can You Hear Me Now?” campaign. The film stars a real Verizon network engineer as the “test man,” and bridges from the company’s roots to how it shows up in people’s lives today. Verizon is also introducing new advertising campaigns for myHome, the best phone trade-in offer, and Spanish-language content partner ViX, where customers can catch all the Copa America matches.

To learn more about today’s announcement, visit For all of Verizon’s new offerings and benefits, visit


1. Guaranteed Trade In Program: Eligible on any Apple, Samsung and Google models, any condition. Trade-in guaranteed value varies by myPlan tier, up to $830 on Ultimate Unlimited with trade-in/promo credit applied over 36 mos; promo credit ends if eligibility req’s are not longer met. For existing customer upgrades, phone must be active for 60 days prior to trade in. Trade-in terms apply.

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The human component.

Nilsa_VZ by Community Manager

A new BBC documentary highlights the impact Verizon Innovative Learning has had in the lives of students, teachers, and community of Lady Bird Johnson Middle School.



By: Cara Jurkowski

Ah, middle school. Whether you recall your own experiences (I’m still trying to forget) or happen to have a middle schooler of your own (I’ll lend you mine for a while...), you’ll probably agree that it’s a time marked by transition.

It’s a transition from tweens to teens, and it can be dramatic. Interests change. Voices crack. Growth spurts disappoint some and leave others as gangly as colts. Acne breaks out. Braces for teeth, scoliosis, growth-loosened joints. Elementary school friendships born of convenience are replaced with those forged by common interests and activities. Crushes emerge with the stealth of hunting cats … or runaway steamrollers.

The outline of adulthood.

It’s also a time that is remarkably influential, sketching out in light strokes the adult that the child will become, in which exposing students to myriad experiences can have a profound effect on their future passions. It’s for this reason Verizon Innovative Learning targets middle schools and high schools in our effort to bridge the digital divide.

The BBC Storyworks series “The Human Component,” focuses on how corporations are solving some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, through technology. Verizon’s segment takes an in-depth look at Verizon Innovative Learning in action at Irving’s Lady B... through the eyes of three students participating in the program.

The story of students; the story of a community.

Suha, Derick and Lazaro are eighth grade students, and without the context, you might think they were students at a high-tech STEM academy, rather than at a school where 65% of the students qualify for a free or reduced lunch. With the help of their teacher, Patrick Yates, and their Verizon Innovative Learning Lab, they are learning how to tackle some very grown-up issues through the use of technology.

“The thing I'm most proud of is that I get to help my friends who don’t speak English,” says Lazaro.

Their project? Designing smart glasses capable of helping international students tackle the language barrier. During the course of the class, they’ll assign a project manager, collaborate on a design and 3-D print their prototype. Then, they’ll present it to parents, peers and administrators.

“The students love it,” says Patrick. “They always want to get their hands on the devices.”

“I look around the room; it’s just tech everywhere,” says Suha.

Derick is the Project Manager. “Before this class I never really thought of myself as a leader.” Now? “I can do this. I can be a good leader.”

Seven million stories.

According to the FCC, there are still more than 17 million school-age children that lack internet access at home. Verizon Innovative Learning was launched to address barriers to digital inclusion in Title I schools by working with leading education partners, to empower students with new ways of learning.

In the twelve years since launch, Verizon Innovative Learning has provided extensive support for educators, technology-integrated curriculum, emerging technologies including 5G, and free internet access. We have expanded access to our education programs nationwide through free immersive applications for any device, microcredential-aligned professional development, and tech-focused learning resources.

Our goal is to reach 10 million youth with digital skills training by 2030. To date, we’ve reached 626 middle and high schools nationwide. And with the various programs in the Verizon Innovative Learning umbrella, we’ve already reached more than 7 million students.

7 million stories, just like those of Suha, Derrick and Lazaro, 7 million students that have felt that spark of inspiration fanned into a fire as they discover the possibilities that await in the world of science and technology.

“Because of this class, it really made me want to do robotics in high school,” says Lazaro. “It made me think about my future.”

Suha agrees. “I have the world at my fingertips.”

Learn more about Verizon Innovative Learning here.

About the author: Cara Jurkowski is a failed standup comedian who made up for her lack of comedic success by spending the past two decades telling stories about the communications industry and the amazing people who work to connect the world. When she is not writing about Verizon, she lives in an unofficial Lego museum, slowly working through a steadily growing backlog of unbuilt sets at a perfectly acceptable pace.


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Looking for the perfect gift for your recent grad? These five tech gifts for grads are recommended by college professors and students alike.

Nilsa_VZ_0-1715808171692.jpegBy: Audrey Smith

Classroom technology is constantly evolving, which can make it challenging to know what devices an incoming college student may need as they transition to campus life. To help sort it out, this guide to tech gifts for grads is based on input from college professors and students alike. Here are the five tech items they consider essential, with insights about how they’re used both in and outside of the classroom.

1. An updated smartphone

Smartphones have become essential for staying on top of coursework. This is especially true as more universities adopt mobile-friendly learning management systems that allow students to receive grades and classwide updates, check assignment deadlines, and contribute to discussion boards using a mobile device or a hot spot connection to power their research.Beyond academics, smartphones also now play a crucial role in a variety of on-campus events and top the list of gifts for graduates.

What professors say:

“At career fairs, students need to scan QR codes in order to access employer websites and event registration information,” says Dr. Ray Pastore, professor of Instructional Technology and Director of Esports at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (and a paid writer for this Web site). “I run my university’s Esports club, which has its own Discord community as a way for students to stay engaged … and all that discussion happens on a student’s mobile device.”



Gifts for graduates: Shop Verizon smartphones

See if they’re staying safe on the road with Smart Family.  Get started

2. On-the-go charging to expand their options

The transition to campus life comes with plenty of challenges, but scrambling to charge a laptop or tablet shouldn’t be one of them. With a portable charger, students can keep their devices running, whether they’re taking notes in the lecture hall or writing a paper outside on the quad. And a portable battery booster means they can charge their device even if they can’t find a wall outlet.

What students say:

“Portable chargers allow students to study anywhere, rather than being tied to a specific location or places with wall sockets,” says Mercer Brady, a history major.



Gifts for graduates: Shop portable chargers and batteries here.

3. A smartwatch to help them stay organized

A smartwatch can let you know when it’s time to head to class or other activities, which is especially useful when students don’t have their phones nearby.

What professors say:

“Having a smartwatch is nice for all the situations where students don’t—or shouldn’t—have their phones,” Pastore says. “Some professors dislike it when students bring a phone to class, but with a smartwatch they can quickly look down at an incoming text and determine if they need to respond or know if there’s an emergency.”


Gifts for graduates: Shop smartwatches and accessories here.

4. Headphones to boost their focus

From listening to focus-boosting music to blowing off steam at the campus gym, a quality pair of headphones can help set new students up for success in all their activities. Wireless earbuds offer a great way for students to listen to podcasts and other course materials on the go, while a wired pair of noise-canceling headphones makes an excellent gift for graduates who plan to live in university residence halls.

What students say:

“Noise-canceling headphones are a must. Being able to focus only on whatever I’m listening to is helpful for staying on task, whether it’s studying, cleaning or working out,” says Jillian Newmyer, radiation health physics graduate student, class of 2025.

What professors say:

“Especially for gamers living in the dorms, noise-canceling headphones should perform two different functions: They should cancel out background noise while also making sure your noise doesn’t bother anyone else,” Pastore says.


Gifts for graduates: Shop headsets and earbuds here.

5. A tablet to make note-taking easier

Laptops remain a necessity for many students, such as those who are studying engineering, computer science or multimedia development. But when it comes to bringing a device from class to class, tablets offer a convenient and highly portable alternative. More students are showing up to class with tablets and note-taking accessories, such as a keyboard or Bluetooth pen.

What students say:

“My tablet made taking notes in class extremely easy! I was able to use a Bluetooth pen to annotate slides during lectures … and taking hand-written notes is proven to be effective at increasing understanding of a subject,” says Grace Mayer, nursing major.


Gifts for graduates: Shop tablets here.

See if they’re staying safe on the road with Smart Family. Get started.



About the author: Audrey Smith is a multimedia journalist, public media producer and former high school English teacher whose writing focuses on tech, AI and digital literacy for kids.

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Inside Verizon - Football fever is back!

Nilsa_VZ by Community Manager

But who or what is the unsung hero of your favorite games?


By: George Koroneos - Manager External Communications

Two months after the season ended in Las Vegas, football is back on the main stage, with the Draft roaring into the Motor City, Detroit, MI.

The 2024 championship game had some impressive high points - a second-half turnaround, quite possibly the highest volume of #TSwizzle mentions in a single football broadcast, and of course, our unbreakable advertising spot with a legendary lemonade songstress.

But for Verizon, our innovation took center stage with Coach-to-Coach communications, a managed private wireless network solution that enables secure and reliable communication between the coaches of the competing teams during the biggest game of the year.

Our very own tech aficionado George Koroneos, broke down Coach-to-Coach tech and spoke with Verizon Business CEO, Kyle Malady on what makes this technology so special and adaptable for businesses.

What is Coach-to-Coach communications?

Coach-to-Coach utilizes custom headsets equipped with SIM cards that connect to a dedicated system of radios at the field level. This creates a private signal exclusive to the coaching staff, eliminating any interference, lag, or downtime that could affect the game strategy.

There’s even a digital dashboard that allows teams to customize who can talk to whom, streamlining the communication flow and reducing the risk of miscommunication.

“NFL games come down to only a handful of plays. And if your communication isn’t rock solid 100% of the time, you risk maybe blowing up one of those plays because your communications didn’t work,” said Malady.

Life beyond the stadium

However, Verizon’s managed private network solution is not designed solely for professional sports. At its heart, Coach-to-Coach is a managed wireless network that can work for any business, whether a sold-out stadium in Las Vegas, a farm in rural Iowa, or a manufacturing floor in Philadelphia - Verizon Business’s private and managed networks provide unmatched security and unparalleled reliability.

To learn more about Verizon’s 5G private network solutions, visit

About the author: George Koroneos is PR manager for the Verizon Consumer Group and resident tech and gadget expert.

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For a limited time, get a Galaxy S23 with Galaxy AI on us with a new line on Verizon myPlan1

Media contact: George Koroneos
NEW YORK - Verizon customers will soon be able to experience Samsung One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI2 on additional Samsung smartphones beyond the Galaxy S24 series. This expansion includes popular models, such as the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5. With this update, you can unlock a host of innovative features to enhance your life, work and mobile experience.


Verizon Galaxy S23 Offer: Check everything Galaxy AI has to offer with this amazing deal. For a limited time, get a new Galaxy S23 on us when you purchase your new phone with a new line on myPlan – no trade-in required1.

Whether you’re upgrading to the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5, Verizon has the perfect plan to match your needs. Choose from our 5G Unlimited plans, designed to provide flexibility and value. And don’t miss out on amazing entertainment deals, like access to Netflix and Max (with ads) for just $10 a month on myPlan3. If you're not a Verizon Home Internet customer, check out Verizon's internet offers and combine your mobile and home plans for even more savings.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy AI:


  1. Circle to Search with Google4: Satiate your curiosity on the spot! While scrolling or watching videos, use your finger to circle items and get instant Google Search results. Whether you stumble upon a beautiful plant or need quick answers, Circle to Search has you covered.

  2. Live Translate5: Break down language barriers over phone calls or texting. Get real-time voice and text translations, making communication seamless even when conversing in different languages.

  3. Chat Assist6: Craft professional or conversational messages with real-time tone suggestions. Chat Assist also provides text translation in 13 languages, ensuring effective communication across borders.

  4. Note Assist7: Summarize lengthy notes effortlessly. Start writing and AI will format your notes into clear, easy-to-review summaries.

  5. Generative Edit8: Resize and retouch photos effortlessly. AI editing capabilities help you achieve the perfect shot by relocating objects and intelligently filling in empty spaces.

  6. Transcript Assist9: Transcribe recorded audio into written text. Transcript Assist can discern different speakers, supports multiple languages, and provides a comprehensive summary of the entire recording.

  7. Edit Suggestion10: Edit Suggestion analyzes photos and provides recommendations to enhance your images, like remastering the image, erasing shadows, or reflections, and more.


Availability: Samsung One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI features will be provided at no charge to Verizon customers using the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 starting March 28. Updates will roll out in waves, so feel free to check your Software Update settings for available updates.

Check out our feature video on Galaxy AI to learn more about this amazing new technology, and visit Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy page to find the Galaxy smartphone that’s perfect for you.

1  $699.99 (128 GB only) device payment or full retail purchase w/new smartphone line on Unlimited Ultimate, postpaid Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Welcome plan req'd (min. $65/mo w/Auto Pay (+taxes/fees) for 36 mos). Less $699.99 promo credit applied over 36 mos.; promo credit ends if eligibility req’s are no longer met; 0% APR.

2 Samsung does not make any promises, assurances or guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the output provided by AI features. Samsung Account login may be required to use certain Samsung AI features.

3 Netflix-Max: Netflix & Max (With Ads) perk requires line subscribed to an Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan. Must be 18 years of age or older to enroll. After enrolling in the Netflix & Max (With Ads) perk, you will need to complete account setup separately for each service. Access content from each service separately. Netflix may be upgraded and downgraded via Netflix. Enrolling in the Netflix & Max (With Ads) perk may affect existing subscriptions to Netflix and Max. Managing subscriptions may be required to avoid multiple subscriptions and corresponding charges. $6.98/mo perk savings based on the current $6.99/mo for Netflix Standard with Ads and $9.99/mo for Max (With Ads plan) less $10/mo perk added to myPlan. One offer per eligible Verizon line. Subject to Netflix Terms of Use and Max Terms of Use.

4 Results may vary depending on visual matches. Requires internet connection. Users may need to update Android to the latest version. Product functionality may be dependent on your app and device settings. Some functions may not be compatible with certain apps. Availability of the service varies by country and language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

5 Live Translate requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Live Translate is only available on the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. Calls must be made using the native Samsung dialer. Certain languages may require language pack download. Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

6 Translating feature in Chat Assist may require Samsung Account login. Some chat applications may not support this feature. Certain languages may require language pack download. Service availability may vary by language. This feature is activated when a translatable language is detected. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

7 For text in Samsung Notes only; requires Samsung account login and internet connection.

8 Generative Edit requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Editing with Generative Edit results in a resized photo up to 12MP. A visible watermark is overlaid on the image output upon saving in order to indicate that the image is generated by AI. The accuracy and reliability of the generated output is not guaranteed.

9 Transcript Assist requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Transcript Assist is only available on the pre-installed Samsung Voice Recorder app or files recorded using the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. Voice recording feature in the pre-installed Samsung Phone app may not be supported in some countries. Audio files must be under 3 hours in duration to be processed. Summarizing feature in Transcript Assist can be activated when a certain number of characters is met. Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

10 Edit Suggestion is compatible with JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 formats. Edit results and quality may vary depending on the photography or filming condition. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.


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Verizon brings free STEM learning to youth

Nilsa_VZ by Community Manager

Registration is open for the free Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers summer program for middle school students



Media contact:
Hope Arcuri Armanus



BASKING RIDGE, NJ – Verizon Innovative Learning, the company’s signature education initiative focused on driving digital equity and inclusion through a suite of programs and resources, is continuing to partner with the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) to bring the Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers program to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and community colleges.

Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers is a free, project-based immersive STEM program open to middle school students in under-resourced communities to explore STEM subjects, learn problem-solving skills and gain exposure to career opportunities in technology fields. In 2023, 90% of students in the summer program said they enjoy learning new things that involve STEM and 83% said that they can use STEM to impact issues affecting the community, nation, and/or the world. This year, Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers is expanding and now able to accommodate more students: from 11,900 last year to 13,500+ students this year.

The program’s interactive curriculum, developed by Verizon in partnership with Arizona State University’s J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute, centers on four educational tracks: immersive media, smart solutions, digital product innovations and artificial intelligence. Participating students receive mentorship, access to next-gen technology-- such as 3D printing, augmented reality (AR) and robotics, and hands-on training connected to real-world challenges that help teach design thinking and social entrepreneurship. The program is held on the campuses of 45 HBCUs, HSIs and community colleges across the country.

"As tech and AI continue accelerating the pace of innovation, it’s up to all business leaders to ensure digital equity and inclusion,” said Rose Stuckey Kirk, Verizon’s Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. “One of our many strategies to address this is Verizon Innovative Learning’s STEM Achievers summer program, in partnership with NACCE, which provides students with hands-on learning, mentorship, and opportunities to engage with emerging technologies and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the digital workforce. The opportunity for students to engage with tech over the summer and propel their own learning and digital skills can set them up for success during the school year, beyond middle school and in life. Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers do big and bold things through the program and beyond – both inside and outside the classroom – and Verizon is honored to be part of their journey.”

Free registration is now open for parents to sign up their rising 6th - 8th grade students for the summer sessions being offered in-person. The Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers program also consists of one in-person full-day workshop, both in the fall and spring, onsite at the partner college. To sign up for Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Achievers, please visit here.

Next-gen learning for all
Teachers and students can also leverage Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, an award-winning, free education portal that makes next-gen learning tools, including a curated collection of lesson plans, available to all. Through Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, K-12 educators nationwide gain free access to over 375 lesson plans with 22 corresponding augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps. The education portal also provides educators with extensive training and resources, including over 50 professional development courses. Educators can visit to sign up.

Verizon Innovative Learning, Verizon's award-winning education initiative, is celebrating over a decade of commitment to addressing barriers to digital inclusion for students and teachers. Since 2012, the initiative has committed $1 billion in market value to support digital equity, reaching over 7 million students. Verizon Innovative Learning provides free technology, internet access and innovative learning programs to students in under-resourced communities - enabling students to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to build an innovative workforce of the future. A key initiative under Citizen Verizon, the company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement, Verizon Innovative Learning is helping to drive the company’s goal to provide 10 million youths with digital skills training by 2030.



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7 million strong

Nilsa_VZ by Community Manager

Celebrate Verizon Innovative Learning’s latest milestone and learn more about our mission to reach 10 million students by 2030.

A little Verizon Innovative Learning math to get your brain pumping.

We have:

  • 11 years operating 📅
  • A variety of programs offered, including Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, Labs, a summer program, and more
  • Through the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program in particular, 626 schools enrolled 🏫 (including 34 new Title I schools from 13 school districts in the upcoming 2024-2025 school year)

Verizon Innovative Learning equips students, educators and administrators with technology or resources to address the barriers to digital inclusion in Title I schools and others across the country.

If you aren’t sure how difficult the barrier is to bridge, consider the fact that, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), there are still nearly 17 million school children in the U.S. that lack internet access at home.

📖 If our goal is to reach 10 million students🎒by the end of the decade – how will we make it happen?

👩‍🏫It takes a VIL-lage

With leading education partners, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools empowers students with new ways of learning through extensive support for educators, technology-integrated curriculum, emerging technologies including 5G and free internet access.

We also provide educators nationwide with access to tools to help bring new ways of learning into their classrooms through Verizon Innovative Learning HQ. The free next-gen online K-12 education portal offers hundreds of free lessons across subjects ranging from supplemental turnkey lessons to yearlong courses and immersive learning experiences with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In fact, Verizon Innovative Learning HQ is a major way we’ve reached our 7 million student goal!

Verizon Innovative Learning HQ also provides over 50 professional development courses, many aligned with microcredentials, enabling educators to learn new skills and feel confident integrating technology into the learning experience.

📚Let’s have a study session

Learn more about Verizon Innovative Learning from a teacher who’s putting it to work in the classroom [02:37]. Marisol Caraballo is a 5th grade teacher at Hawkins Street School in Newark, New Jersey. She runs a jewelry design program for students, teaching the class everything from design technology to entrepreneurship as they sell their artwork.

Marisol actively seeks curriculum inspiration from Verizon Innovative Learning HQ to infuse art into various subjects and is passionate about making learning relevant for students – emphasizing the importance of connecting education to real-world topics.

📌Expanding the reach

According to Rose Stuckey Kirk, Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, we’re continuing to expand the program into new communities, especially focusing on middle schoolers in under-resourced schools. Said Rose, “We are moving into new states and new territory. That’s why I think new districts, such as the one in New Mexico, are going to see the value of the program. It helps us to continue to level the education playing field for so many.”

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ICYMI: Can Beyoncé break Verizon?

Dan_VZ by Community Manager

In case you missed it during the game, see if Beyoncé can break Verizon's network.  See the extended version here:

Cant B Broken.png



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Did you know that there are tons of gaming consoles and accessories available from Verizon?  Today we’re going to look at 3 of the most popular gaming platforms and take a look at how Verizon can help set you up for the best gaming experience possible.


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Protecting yourself against phishing

Dan_VZ by Community Manager

Most of us have been the target of some sort of phishing attack, even if we didn’t know what it was called at the time. These messages may look legitimate at a quick glance, but it’s important to be on the lookout for some telltale signs that can caution you against responding, especially with any personal information that could be compromised.


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Keeping your home cozy with smart thermostats

Dan_VZ by Community Manager

As we settle into the dead of winter, those little conveniences go a long way to keep you comfortable in your home.  Smart Thermostats open up those possibilities by making it easier to adjust the temperature, saving you money on your energy bills in the process!


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For the 21st consecutive year, Verizon is partnering with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to provide a toll-free hotline to check on Santa Claus’ whereabouts for his journey on Christmas Eve.



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In a revolutionary new offering, Verizon is now offering Netflix and Max together for $10/month for its myPlan customers.  Now you can have the libraries of the two giants in your streaming arsenal for one low price and it’s only available on Verizon.



9 11.3K 7

The Community team here at Verizon has been hard at work to make it more convenient for our members to access the Verizon Community.  We’re thrilled to announce that the Community is now accessible through the My Verizon App!


13 1,777 1

The Verizon Community is full of experts and our Ask the Expert program connects you directly with them!

ask the expert.png


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Spam calls… just the mention of these pesky, unwanted calls is enough to bum most of us out.  The bottom line is that nobody likes spam calls.


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As ubiquitous as mobile devices have become over the last 30 years, it’s still rare that we see a brand new device form factor introduced to the industry.  Flip phones, candy bar phones, slide-out keyboards, and the now standard slate design were all transformative in allowing us to interact with our devices and each other in new ways.  The next step in that progression has already been on the market for a few years, but now has more devices than ever: the folding smartphone.


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Have you ever been at a concert or sporting event and experienced show network speeds because everyone was trying to use their phones at the same time?  Now, in all 30 NFL stadiums, those days are over!


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Navigating Apple's new watchOS 10

Dan_VZ by Community Manager

A few weeks ago, Apple released watchOS 10 for all Apple Watch devices Series 4 and newer.  watchOS 10 features redesigned native apps that are more immersive and take advantage of the entire screen, along with some UI changes that change the way you navigate your Apple Watch.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of those changes to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Apple Watch device.


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The World of VR: Safe Online Gaming

Dan_VZ by Community Manager


With the increasing popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) devices and games, parents may be concerned about keeping their children safe in the online gaming space.  Today we are taking a look at VR, how kids are using it, and what can be done to keep content and interactions safe.


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The tech world is buzzing about the new iPhone and Apple Watch lineup and Verizon will be offering all iterations of the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2!  Read on to learn about new features and how you can make these exciting new devices yours as they’re released in the coming weeks.



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Video: All About the Verizon Community

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Check out our new video to learn about the Community and all it has to offer, rom peer-to-peer support to connecting with others about all things tech and more!

Watch All About the Verizon Community video

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Each month, a new set of trivia questions will be posted on the Activities board, found under Level Up in the Community navigation.  The trivia game will consist of two trivia questions and two word scrambles.  All of these will be related to Verizon products and services or telecommunications in general.


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As back-to-school time approaches, this week we are taking a look at devices that can help young students enhance their learning experience and continue education at home.


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Community Leader Spotlight: Cang_Household

Dan_VZ by Community Manager

Continuing our Community Leader Spotlight series, today we learn about Cang_Household and his wealth of knowledge!


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New Badges on the Verizon Community

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Community badges have always been a great way to show off your knowledge and participation in the Verizon Community.  This week, we introduced new progression levels for most of our badges, giving our most dedicated members the opportunity to continue leveling up and showing what they’re made of.  We’ve also refreshed our badge designs, offering fun and colorful ways to show off your achievements!

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As promised, Verizon’s +play has expanded its offerings, now totaling over 35 subscription partners!  +play gives any Verizon customer an easy way to subscribe to and manage their subscriptions so they are taken care of all in one place.


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BeReal: A Guide for Parents

Dan_VZ by Community Manager

BeReal is taking the social world by storm!  Learn all about this new platform and what it means for you and your teens.


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With the summer season upon us, make sure you’re prepared for any and all adventures with the perfect case for your smartphone!  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at a few options for protecting your device and making sure that you can stay connected with a smartphone free of damage.


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Hurricane season is on the horizon and Verizon will be ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice to ensure that it is ready to assist with rapid recovery efforts to its critical communications infrastructure.


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