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When I go to "Block Services" in My Verizon and choose to Block Premium Messaging, I get a "review and submit changes" popup that shows all my features along with the new feature of blocking premium sms, but the texting feature has a notice under it.  Here is what is shows.


This conflicts with Block Premium Text Messages

What does this mean and why would it conflict?  Is it okay to proceed anyway?

Or is it even necessary, because the Premium SMS FAQ page has the following info.  Premium Messaging FAQs | Verizon Wireless


What change is Verizon making?

Verizon will no longer provide billing for Premium Messaging. Verizon will, however, continue to support text-to-donate for charitable programs and text-to-contribute for political campaigns that qualify to use this technology.


How will this change be implemented?

Premium Messaging providers can no longer sign up Verizon customers for their services. Existing subscriptions to Premium Messaging programs will end no later than January 31, 2014.


So, according to the FAQ, is Premium Messaging Blocking not really necessary, because it isn't possible to get unsolicited premium texts any longer?  That's basically all I am after, protection from any potential unauthorized premium messages that come my way.

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Re: Block Premium Messaging
Customer Service Rep


We'll be happy to clarify for you!

That notice shows up because the regular Text Messaging feature includes access to Premium Text Messages by default. Adding that block will conflict because you are blocking a part of the general Text Messaging feature. It sounds like that's exactly what you want to do, so I suggest going ahead with it.

Also, Verizon Wireless is making a change with the way that Premium Messaging is charged to you. In the past we've offered you the ability to charge these services to your account so they would simply show up on your next bill. We are no longer providing this capability to our customers so that you won't receive these charges unexpectedly any longer.

So, in summary, this will effectively block you from getting any of those worry-some charges that you're concerned about on our bills; however, without the Premium Message Block you would still be able to receive Premium Messages if you charged this service to a credit card or signed up for a free one.

I do hope this clarifies everything for you. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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