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Hi I've been getting these text messages all day since I got my new Pixel 2 XL phone earlier. I've deleted the first few messages but they won't stop!

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Re: VZ messages pin text messages
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bdavies, we want you to enjoy your new device and to only receive the text messages you want. Allow us to further investigate the details. A SecurePIN will be sent to you if a high risk transaction is requested to be made online or with customer service over the phone. Please review a list of high risk transactions below:

  • Name change
  • Account Manager change
  • Update to the account billing address
  • Addition or deletion of Account Managers
  • Upgrades - When a customer is requesting to send a device to an address not on the account.

Can you please let us know if any of the above transactions have taken place from anybody on your account via online or over the phone within the last 24-48 hours? Also, can you please clarify if you are still receiving these types of text messages? 



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