Verizon Message+ Desktop (NOT the store version)
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Is there any way to still get the download of the Windows version of Verizon Message+?  Did they release a final and then move it to the Store? I really don't like Microsoft Store app (its technical issues notwithstanding).  It takes up too much screen real estate for one thing, and has all the issues other reviewers have already mentioned. I have an older version of the desktop client running, and simply wanted to reinstall.  I tried the version from the Windows Store for about 2 minutes, that was all it took and I had to uninstall. LOL.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Verizon Message+ Desktop (NOT the store version)
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The Windows Store App is NOT Message+  ... Where did it go. Vers lacks +'s functionality and speed.

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We are always here to help, luigi524td. I know how important it is to be able to locate the Message Plus app. You can download it from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or the Microsoft App Store It is not available on the Windows App Store. Hav eyou tried downloading it from the three Apps store I provided? 


You can also download the desktop app from our web site. Just visit and click on the "Download the desktop app" link. 




I am not showing that the Windows version of the Message Plus app is available. You can download the app using the three store I provided above. If you're trying to use it from your computer, you can either download the desktop app or access it from the web app. Just visit and sign in using your My Verizon log in information. 


I trust this has been helpful. 


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This replay failed to address and answer the original question.  Please allow me to explain:

There used to be a non-Windows Store app for messaging on Windows called Message+.  It is/was a Windows Desktop app, not a Windows store app.  The store app sucks for many reasons and I too wish to have the Desktop app re-installed again as well.

The link you gave to download from you web site just has links to the online stores (including Windows Store), but we are not trying to go to the "store", because that is where the Windows store app that sucks is located.  We want the "Desktop" app.

Do you have any info on the Desktop app, which used to be called Message+?

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I think your question was answered, in that the access path for available Message+ app for the Windows desktop was provided.  Apparently, that is the ONLY available Message+ app for the Windows desktop.  When apps evolve, old versions are dropped.  Why should Verizon justify the costs of providing support for multiple versions of an app?

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I'm with the thread originator.  The desktop app that used to be available directly from the Verizon website was superior to the version available on the Windows store.  The link on the Verizon website that used to take you to a download page now just sends you to the Windows store.

Some thoughts to whoever is running the digital product team over at Verizon:

- The Windows store version of Message+ is a big step back in functionality and usability (Sure it looks cool but it doesn't function as advertised).

- I might consider replacing you UX resources on Message plus.  Nike's digital team uses R/GA (New York office) for most of the application design.  I'd recommend starting with them.

- On the engineering side: Service calls fail/timeout on the app. If these can't be improved due to technical limitations some type of queuing requests should be implemented.  The existing experience is terrible.

- The web app ( Is also terrible.  Service calls time out and the retry refreshes nearly the whole page (seriously bad design).

- Do we even want to start with Contact management?  This might be a surprise to Verizon folks but users might not want Verizon apps to control (be the master source) all of the contact information and yet still have them sync.

- My recommendation to you is to focus on building out a great digital product team and hire/train some folks that can really own the Message+ experience.  I know how difficult this can be (done it myself) but the poor digital experiences that Verizon is currently releasing seems to indicate a problem with the organization.

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It is irritating that the Win 10 version is so limited....and takes so much screen real estate.  I can no longer have it on the side of the demands so much!  

And its really irritation that Verizon has worked so hard to scrub the old version 1.0.17 from the net.  What's wrong with having it out there?  Lots of Win 7, especially in the corporate world.

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I think the issue being missed here is that Verizon Wireless is no longer offering Messages (or Message+) for Windows 7 computers, even though Windows 7 still has a huge installed base.  (37% for Win/7 versus 39% fo for Win/10 per Windows 10 is now more popular than Windows 7 - The Verge ) , albeit going out of support soon.

Software developers support multiple platforms and multiple version all the time.  Meanwhile Verizon supports Messages on Mac which only has less than 10% share.  Operating system market share

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You're still missing the point. The old app for WIndows 7 works perfectly fine on WIndows 10. It has NOTHING to do with which WIndows version you are on. There was no need to "update it" to a vastly inferior product.

Verizon's support for either product was miserable. Missed messages. Issues sending. But at least the older version was something that had more use and could be integrated into a person's working desktop far easier than the garbage they have now.

Verizon should stop worrying about its support for the previous version. It's virtually non-existent for the new one. I think a great many of us would just prefer to take our chances with the old one.