2 Devices, 2 SIM cards but registered to 1 IEMI number

I have an old MiFi 3G router which is being phased out.  I bought a new router which said it was Verizon compatible.  I went to register with Verizon but VZW said the IEMI number could not be registered.  After some goofing around, I found my iPhone SIM works fine in the device.  So can I do the following:

1. Put a NEW SIM in my iPhone.

2. Port the number from MiFi to this NEW SIM

3. Register the NEW SIM to my iPhone IEMI number

4. Remove the NEW SIM from my iPhone and place in my router 

5. Put my original SIM in my iPhone and have both systems work.

Is the IEMI number used to monitor internet usage?  If I have unlimited Internet would it matter?  I do NOT need voice on the NEW SIM so i dont care about all the features; just Internet access for the router (and of course full features of my iPhone on the original SIM.


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Customer Service Rep

We're happy to help with any questions you have for us! You would need the correct SIM card for a MiFi device. You can't use a SIM card designed for a smartphone in the data only device. It may work temporarily but it won't be a permanent solution. Does this help to answer your questions today?



Can Verizon (either store or Customer Support) do the following:

1. Get a NEW SIM card

2. Register the NEW SIM card to a data only device using my MiFi phone number?  i.e. transfer my phone number to the NEW SIM in Verizon's possession either at store or Cust Support?  

3. Then, just send me the NEW SIM card without any devices or any device charges to my bill...i.e. I DONT want the device and dont want to pay for the device (ex. Jetpack?)  I like the router I purchased for other reasons.

End result: I want the MiFi phone number ported over to a data only nano SIM card without any Verizon wireless hardware/router/MiFi devices.

Customer Service Rep

Hi there. You do have to use a device that is compatible for our service. When a SIM card is activated we have to program what line it is for, and what device it is going to. Do you have an active account with Verizon now? Also, anytime a new device, meaning one that is new to the account, is activated there will be a one time fee for activating. I am sorry, there is no way around that.