How do we request better service or an evaluation of coverage?

I Live in Maricopa, AZ which is a rapidly expanding City of over 50,000 people, but there are no Verizon Towers in the area what so ever. Your(Verizon) Coverage Map shows I have 4G LTE at my home, but with only 1-2 bars outside, and lousy data transfer. since the only towers in the town are 3rd party I don't know if they are GSM or CDMA and it seems my new Galaxy Note 10 keeps getting confused on which is the best connection. I bought a booster for better connection in the home, and thats when I tried finding a Verizon tower to point the antenna at and its 23 miles away in Chandler, AZ. I'd rather not have to keep going into and out of Airplane mode to get the best connection depending on where I am in or around my house.  

And why can't I find a way to send someone at Verizon an email about the issues I am having? I don't have the time to wait for someone to chat with me, the page always timeout and requires re-login which kills the chat. 


Thanks, DLB Maricopa, AZ

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Customer Service Rep

Having quality service is in your area is very important, derrybrown72. We are always looking for areas where we can install a new tower. If you know of an area, you can use the link below to submit a request to have our engineers review it:
If you are ever in need of troubleshooting, we can also be reached through Facebook Messenger and Twitter @VZWSupport. Here is a link to our contact us page as well: