ACP not accepted.
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In December I was told by a Verizon representative when I switched to Verizon to apply for ACP and if it's approved it will be added to my account. In January I called back and asked and was told if it was approved it would be applied the next billing cycle. Now I was sent an email saying it can be linked from your previous provider but I just applied for it and never had it applied to a provider. Now they are saying its past Feb 7th when I've been trying to get it activated for 3 months with Verizon and this disqualifies me from the Verizon Forward program as well. 3 months into switching to Verizon and this feels fraudulent at best. I tried providing my ACP application multiple times via chat for it to tell me to contact the acp usac people for further support. At least I live close to a 5g Verizon cell tower. . . . 

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Re: ACP not accepted.
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Hello, Zero0mega. My apologies to hear of your experience. Rest assured, help is here. Thank you for the info you have provided thus far. Let's take a deeper dive into the ACP discount so that we can get you some answers and a resolution. I have sent you a Private Message.