Charges for moving to 5g?
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In July I was charged 12 additional dollars on my bill.  Again in August.  I called today to rectify this and was told "its because we moved you to 5g and you're on an old plan".  

First, I have a pixel 4a, it doesn't have 5g.  Second, what is the point of a contracted price with any company that will change your rate as they wish.  Yes, I know there is fine print, but I'm sorry, I don't agree. 

I have been a customer for 20 years, I have enjoyed the coverage, but I'm done. The reps were not able to help, per usual.  Every plan online was 20 more dollars than I'm paying now, which is ridiculous for only 2 lines.  I should not be paying 176.00 a month for 12gb of data.  I've always paid my overage costs, which I've rarely gone over and accepted those are my fault.  But, you want to charge me for moving me to a network that I can't use and don't care to?  I am not on my phone for streaming services or needing anything for that 4g.  

Today, I called TMobile and made the switch.  On Monday I'll officially be gone from Verizon and don't feel bad as they've been overcharging for services too long.  I got my wife's iphone paid off, a new pixel 6A, added an additional line at no charge, free netflix, free apple tv, paramount+ for a year AND 200 dollars additional for anything,  40 dollars less a month than im paying now for 12gb and being treated like I haven't been a customer for 20 yrs.  

I know how communities are and I'm sure fanboys will trash me.  This isn't me saying Tmobile is better, I have never been with another mobile carrier in 20 yrs.  This is me as a customer saying its B5 that they want to impose charges on the average customer.  In this economy and as execs post record profit, you want to squeeze every dime out of hard working americans that have already helped fund that 5g... but now you want to increase my bill?  No thanks, I'll deal with whatever someone else has to offer. 

Good bye Verizon! 

Re: Charges for moving to 5g?
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I've been on Verizon prepaid for many years. $25 per month for 5Gb data, of which I use maybe 2Gb. I bought a used 5G iPhone and Verizon sent me a new SIM card to replace the old one. No charge for the new SIM card either.