Verizon 5G Plan and Customer Service
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  • I  recently switched over to Verizon. I purchased 2 new iPhone 15 pros with a 5G plan. Once I took my phone home I noticed my data was loading very slow and realized it was saying LTE. As time goes on im seeing anywhere i go i am not receiving 5G like i pay for. Now im looking for help from a verizon customer service but it has been nothing but frustrating!! From being disconnected and not receiving any call back and going through circles troubleshooting ive been on the phone for over and hour and a half and another hour just on hold. This is the worst service experience period. Now that im seeing there is no help I want to end my service and get a refund for my phones to take my business elsewhere but im being told it cost $100 for a restocking fee when Ive never even received the service i pay for and was promised. #5g #iphone15
Re: Verizon 5G Plan and Customer Service
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Evann, we certainly understand your concerns and we know how important it is to receive the service that you are anticipating. Can you share with us your zip code? We want to review your service area to confirm the type of coverage available in your area. What troubleshooting steps have we completed with you so far?