What is up with UWB?
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So what is the story with Ultra Wide Band (UWB)?  My office, in an uncrowded area, is less than a 5 iron, with line of sight, to the UWB tower and it rarely connects.  The only way we get connection is if we go outside and stand still in the parking lot for 15-30 seconds.  We have tested using a Galaxy S22 Utra and Pixel 6 and have also verified the same behavior with another nearby tower. 

Do we get incredible speeds (>3000mB) when it works?  sure....... But, is it just a marketing thing because as it stands UWB usage is completely impractical!


Re: What is up with UWB?

I noticed this when uwb first came out. I was excited. In Panama city flordia with galaxy s10 note± one would have to stand in the street and touch your nose with your big toe to get it to work. But wow the speeds when you found the right spot.

On the other side. I just upgraded to the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra. In new orleans I'm in ultra wide broadband 99% of the time. But speeds are 150 mb. Very disappointing.

I done a little digging with my Panama city flordia problem. Seems like Verizon set in the code. It will not stay in the uwb 2000 to 3000 mbps unless you are utilizing the speeds.  My thoughts the only way to utilize the speed is to download a huge game. 

So what did I do. 

Pulled out my alienware area 51m laptop and deleted a huge game. Walked around till I got the perfect signal, tethered my phone via cable. Then proceeded to re-download the game, haha.  To my surprise I downloaded 15 to 20 gb before I could start walking around to test a theory. I walked about 3 steps. And boom back into 4g lte. Again so disappointing