Verizon data is ripping me off....

So I made the switch from TMobile to Verizon because I got tired of waiting for Tmobile to get the Iphone.  Now in order to do this I paid a $200.00 cancellation fee. However, since I had an unlimited data with Tmobile and they had a data tracker, I was able to gauge my data usage for the last year and a half. So when I switched, I knew exactly what my average data usage was.

-On TMobile I averaged 1.5 to 1.8 GB and that was daily streaming and downloading Spotify music, watching YouTube videos, watching videos, email,      heavy app usage, hotspot.

-So I figured since I had an Iphone before and I knew that I would be on WIFI most of time and would be careful not to use my phone for videos and minimal streaming, I would probably use half the data.  So on Verizon's network I didn't really watch videos or stream music and uploaded music while on WIFI so I would not have to stream.

-On Mondays and Wednesdays I'm at school or home with WIFI continuously at home and with WIFI in all areas of my school.

-On Thursdays and Fridays I'm at work with barely any signal inside the building and since I'm at my internship and why would I be  downloading stuff if I'm in training.

-Sure enough, I was surprised that I was messaged on 10/11 that I was at 90% of my data cap, but I figured this might be viable and it might be due to my heavy usage on the first few days of having the Iphone. 

-I did some research online and saw some article about verizon users being charged with WIFI charges if their carrier settings weren't set to 13.1.  I double checked my settings and they were correct.  So it was still kind of fishy since I was on WIFI half the time.

-On 10/11 I checked my data usage and I was at approximately at .91   So I went ahead and updated my plan to the 2GB plan which was retroacted to my start date.  Too my surprise I got a message saying I was at 75% of my data on 10/15.  THAT'S 4 DAYS!!! IN 4 DAYS I WENT FROM .91 TO 1.57 GB.


-I called and they weren't much help.  They said I could check my usage online so I did and here are a couple of immediate things that caught my eye.  They were charging me for downloading stuff at 4:16 a.m. while my phone was on WIFI and between the hours of 10:00 and 10:30 while my phone is on WIFI in class.

- I went into the store and the guy said it might be the carrier settings and without checking them, he reset my network settings anyways. I told him I had checked that online and was pretty sure the settings were correct.

-Since then I talked to some people on the phone and they said I would have to wait til my next bill and then they will credit me if I go over my plan and see if the problem has been resolved, however, I will have to follow up.... like my time is not worth anything.

-So today I checked my usage and there were still charges against my data plan this morning when I was sleeping at 1:16 a.m, 3:42 a.m., 5:00 a.m, 7:02 a.m.,

-What is going on... Verizon, and now I'm checking and I know I was on WIFI at 9:59 a.m. going into class late, because itis right after I got off the phone with your customer service rep and there is heavy usage there.

How can I continuosly use my phone on TMobile network and barely get to 1.5 to 1.8 GB monthly, and with your phone go from .91 to 1.57GB in 4 days.  that would equate to 4.62 GB a month when I am at least on WIFI half the time and try not to use your network for half the things I used TMobile for. How do you figure????

So I feel like I am being ripped off.

Switching wasn't cheap. I paid $200.00 to switch, $35 activation, bought the 64GB Iphone for $399, bought Apple Care for $99, and also subscribed to your insurance and a significantly more expensive cost of plan vs. TMobile only to find out you are continuously charging me for data that I am not using.  And you cannot attribute it to the glitch, specifically because you guys reset my phone yesterday and this morning I was still charged while I was on WIFI.

I did not sign up so I would have to track my line item usage every day to dispute with you every single day.  I did not pay more than $700.00 to be ripped off.  And your CSR reps are saying that I can't dispute it until I actually get the bill. 

Listen, I have a very busy schedule this quarter at school.  You are trying to take advantage by charging for phantom data usage.  I would like for you to let me out of my contract without penalty for breaching your terms and inconsistently charging or you just don't charge me for data for the final two years of my contract.  If you can't guarantee that you will charge me accurately, then you shouldn't be charging me for it.  I'm looking into small claims court already, posting online  the social networks: Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, etc where I am connected to lots of people. So if you would like me to not do that the resolution is to let me out of my contract. I just paid 200.00 to be let out of one, and i refuse to pay for another one when clearly it is not because of a lack of loyalty but a lack of Verizon unlawful charges. 

LIke I said, Here is a compromise I can think of that would work for me and is fair:

-I would settle for even paying for the 1GB plan and not be charged for the overages for the next 2 years.(If you can't accurately track my data and are inaccurately charging me for more than I am using this is fair.)

Other options:

-No charge for letting me out of contract.

-I can return the Iphone to you and you refund what I've paid for the first month and the prorated month,  activation fee.(This is about 140.00 total), or you can pay me 200.00 that I paid to cancel my TMObile account.   I think the 140.00 would be a better deal for  you and I will eat the 60.00 for my stupidity in restocking fee.  You can also refund the price of apple care.

-You can keep me on contract and not charge me for data for the next 2 years.

-You can play the "WE value you as a customer but we can't do anything except keep overcharging you incorrectly and make it difficult for you so yo can try to give up game", see me in small claims court,and see me post on social networks continuosly over the next 2 years until you let me out of contract. 

I won't be surprised if the response is the last one, because Verizon is so used to making there customers whole....sarcasm there.

Take your pick. 

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Re: Verizon data is ripping me off....

Definitely posting on apple forums so people can choose an appropriate carrier when buying an iphone as well.

Re: Verizon data is ripping me off....

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Re: Verizon data is ripping me off....
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Take you phones to lawyers and let them babysit the phones for a week and then go see if they will take your cases.