Asurion insurance rip off
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When purchasing my IphoneXR I was told the insurance through Verizon (provided by Asurion) would allow me to pay a 30 dollar deductible for repair of a cracked screen.  I was also told that could be performed at a local repair shop with the repairs occurring the same day.  Currently I have a cracked screen and was told the parts are not available and my only option is to pay the 199 dollar deductible to get a refurbished phone or not get the screen repaired at this time.

I should have just bought the Apple Care insurance.  I was given false information and I am now stuck with a broken phone.  I don't think the misinformation was on purpose but it's not right they dont provide the services they claim for the prices they quote.



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Re: Asurion insurance rip off

Same exact issue here. Pay $249 for a "refurbished" phone in lieu of the $29 replacement we were promised. All because there are no screens to replace why advertise this is available if there is no way to back up their claims?