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A year or so ago, my old Samsung flip phone started to be backed up by Verizon Backup assistant. I would find it being backed up at various times of the day. I did not initiate the "service". I now assume it was done by Verizon knowing they would not be supporting my phone in the near future and I would need the data on my old phone at some point. 

I now have a new iphone SE and would like to get my contact list back.  I have added the Verizon backup assistant app to the iphone and they want me to sign up and pay a monthly charge to use it. Geewiz, Verizon never even told me my old phone was soon to be impossible to use! Funny thing is, it works fine when I'm over in Harrisburg PA area, but is a battery draining slug in NJ. I had to reboot it to make a call and only received notifications, hours later, of messages I receives rather than my phone ringing when someone actually placed the call to me. Verizon is a drag.

Does anyone know a good way to get the data off my old flip phone and on to my SE?  Thanks.

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Re: Backup assistant... flip phone to iPhone SE
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WalIII, congratulations on your new phone. The Verizon Cloud does save your contacts for free. Additional features in the Verizon Cloud, such as photos, videos, music, etc, would require the paid for subscription. When selecting the Verizon Cloud to restore your contacts, please know that you do have the option to end any subscriptions. To do so, you would simply go to the Verizon Cloud app, select Settings, tap the down arrow that appears next to your email address and choose Unsubscribe. This way, you may transfer those contacts easily and then simply remove the subscription. Now that you have an iPhone, you may back your information up with iCloud or iTunes following the steps at

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Re: Backup assistant... flip phone to iPhone SE
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If you don't want to pay for cloud, you could always save your files to a computer.