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Every aspect of my new iPhone X is fine.  The only issue is that I cannot receive sms messages.  I have changed sims and have even replaced the phone through Verizon to no avail.  Sometimes 12 hours later I will receive all the sms I didn’t get yet in a big burst.  My number was ported to Verizon from an iPhone 7 Plus that couldnot be switched from AT&T.  Before that phone I had an iPhone 6 that was on Verizon (my parents account) I’ve been told that these have no effect.  I have reset the network settings multiple times, erased content 3 times.  Turned iMessage on and off.  Nobody else can think of anything else for me to try.  Is this a network problem or something?  This is very frustrating please help me.   

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I understand your frustrations with not being able to receive text messages on your Apple iPhone X device. I would love the opportunity to help get this issue resolved fro you, once and for all.


Are you experiencing problems with receiving texts from specific numbers or is this happening with all numbers texting you? Are you experiencing any problems sending texts? Are you getting an error message when this happens? Lastly, when did this problem begin? Please let me know so that I can further assist.


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