Device Transfer of Service


I am a long time Verizon customer and back in October my employer offered to cover my monthly service but I had to transfer my line to a business account with Verizon.  However, my line still had a device payment plan which was part of a buy one get one free promotion with this device being the free one.  Verizon investigated and said if I pay off another one of my four remaining devices, I could transfer that free plan to the paid off device.  I then proceeded to pay off one of my remaining devices so they could transfer the payment plan to this freed up device and then allow my phone to be transferred to a business account.  They said it could take 1-2 payment cycles for everything to transfer.  As a result, I have had to call every month as no $29.16 credit is appearing on my bill.  This last month, they indicated now that the original agreement I had with the agent is not valid as the promotion can not be transferred to another line even though my original phone is still with Verizon.  I stated that was not acceptable as I had already paid off the other device and the phone had been transferred to a business account and two other agents processed this to begin with.  They opened an urgent case to get approval for original agreement.  However, I just received my bill and still see a new device payment charge for my free device.  Has anyone had a similar experience? I am a long time customer with Verizon and have 4 lines and each of the last months I have spent an hour on the phone with Verizon getting a credit for what was to be a free device where I thought in the end the following month I would not have to call back and it would get resolved per my original agreement.  Am I not speaking to the right department at Verizon?  Thank you!

Re: Device Transfer of Service
Customer Service Rep

First I do want to thank you for your loyalty, tjbridges. I am a consumer myself so I understand wanting to keep the promotion. I am sad to say once you transfer your line and the device agreement the promotion does not stay with the line. I can take a look at your account to see if you have any options. I have sent you a private message. -AmberF_VZW