Hotspot parent control

Please update functionality to allow parents to disable personal hotspot functionality on kids' iPhones through My Verizon. This is not an option in the iPhone parental controls and I am told it would have to be done by the cell plan carrier. I talked to Verizon and they said I would either have to switch plans to one that doesn't include Hotspot data or pay an extra $10 per month for an additional parental control functionality to remove functionality included in my plan. This is horrible. Other carriers are able to solve this problem with a call to customer service. Verizon is failing me. Please help! #hotspot #parentalcontrol

Re: Hotspot parent control
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry the option to control the Hotspot feature isn't offered in your plan bkbethers. I am happy you have options to change that by updating the plan or paying for our additional feature to allow this control. We appreciate your feedback and hope this option changes in the future.