Monthly EAS Test Alerts on iPhone
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I have an iPhone, I have emergency alerts enabled, and I have the test alerts enabled. Yesterday (July 2 2019) there was susposed to be an emergency test at 11:06 AM. When 11:30 AM came, still nothing! I don’t know if this is my phone’s fault, or of this is Verizon’s fault. Recently, there was a tornado warning, and my phone DID receive the warning, but when the test alert came, nothing happened. Any help?

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I want to make sure that you have the ability to receive all alerts. I want to better understand which test alerts you are trying to receive. Are these from your city or state? I have provided a link with our Emergency Alert FAQ page so that you can read up on the Verizon Wireless Emergency Alert program. Our "test" alerts are only sent to specific persons within the carrier’s network employees, or within specific emergency response agencies should receive these alerts so that we can get the feedback that we need to make the program better and not scare our customers. Does that make sense? You can find that information under #5: "Why did I receive a test Wireless Emergency Alert?"

Here is that link: