Order iPhone and never delivered, now it is lost
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I ordered iPhone few weeks ago and FedEx made attempt delivery On 26, scanned delivered. I never got package. I called FedEx last week and they did investigate it and they reported that package is lost.  Therefore my verzion bill is included some charges that I do not have new iPhone yet which is now lost.  I was looking forward to new iPhone SE 2020, now I have to wait. Is there way verzion can fix it by suspending the charges until I get replace new iPhone. I do not want twice charge for get other iPhone.  Is Verzion going to send replacement ones and not charge me twice? Can I change shipping address for replacement and send to my son’s( Jonathan Moore) home so he can keep eye on package for me.

It have been frustrating last one week that I did not get iPhone delivered and found out it is lost. I tried to call you but couldn’t reach you on phone. So I decided to do it here to see if anyone can reach out and assist me with this situation. 

 I can provide more information in private message with verzion person. 

thank you,


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Re: Order iPhone and never delivered, now it is lost
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As a consumer myself, I understand the importance of having your new phone delivered on time. I am sorry to hear about the experience with your order. Please respond to my Private Message for further assistance.