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Phone reception bad Iphone X

I upgraded to Iphone X from a 6 and never had any problems with phone reception until upgrading. I found if I turn off LTE while at home, I instantly go from 1 bar to 4 and am able to talk on my phone without cutting out. When I'm not at home, I have to turn LTE back on because having a conversation on 3G or using google is no good. I have been sent a new sim card, reset network settings, turned on wifi calling, enabled LTE to data only, nothing works. The only way I can talk on my phone at home is to disable LTE. My Son upgraded to Iphone X at the same time and has had the same issues. My husband has a Iphone 6 and has never had ANY issues talking on his phone. Is there any solution so I don't have to keep turning this on and off? Obviously it's something to do with the X...

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Customer Service Rep

Have you attempted to complete a factory data reset on the device. That would be the next step in the troubleshooting process. Make sure that you backup all your information before completing this step, as all your information will be erased.


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I have similar issues with my iPhone 8 with calls cutting out.  I can hear people but they cannot hear me.  I went through all troubleshooting steps from Verizon, including a factory reset and restore, plus all of the Apple troubleshooting steps.  My last option was to drive an hour to an Apple store and get an appointment at the "Genius Bar" to see if I got a "bad" phone,  There I met a "genius" who told me that Verizon's LTE network and the "enable voice and data LTE" option are the problem.   We did diagnostics, my phone works fine except call quality on the LTE network (no matter how many bars); switched SIM cards to another phone and the problem went with the card to the other phone. It is NOT a problem with the phone.  The old iPhones still work because they don't have the "voice and data LTE" or "data LTE" options, just "enable LTE" on or off.  The LTE network is "patched software" - her words, not mine, and does not work as it is supposed to everywhere.  In certain areas, including my home, I have to either use wifi calling or disable LTE or enable it only for data.  I am trying to find a way to report this to Verizon as a technical issue (of THEIRS).  The Apple tech said Verizon is working on the 5G network and perhaps when they have that in place, they will have fixed this issue.  Meanwhile I rely on wifi calling from home and "data only" enabled on the LTE network.  This is all recent (this new knowledge) so I'm not sure the "data only" option resolves call quality and connectivity issue without wifi calling on.  I am only using wifi calling so I KNOW I can make phone calls.  Not the resolution I was hoping for after spending so much on a new phone through Verizon!

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My iphoneX cell service seems to work for a while and then not after a factory reset. Very spotty. WIFI reliant calling. Not sure why I bother having the verizon cell coverage actually! I’m going to try LTE off/on technique.

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You ain’t never lied, I’m literally starting to hate Verizon now, service every since I got the X been horrible, from dropped calls to no data.