Pickup in store not available?

Tried to purchase an IPad accessory that shows on sale in the app, however error message when I try to purchase item. Chat are salespeople and not there to help, only to sell. Claims inventory not available in store, in limited number in store, and then when quantity reduced cannot be picked up in store. REALLY?????

No chat transcript available, no supervisor available. Useless unless you want to order from them.

Very disappointed in lack of quality control and operation of the shop feature in the app and online. Is the store now a different entity that corporate no longer wants to support?

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Re: Pickup in store not available?
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We always want to make sure you have the options you need to purchase an item without issue. Our stores are always an option for that but it is true that when store inventory is low we take that away. The reason for that is that if inventory is low we can't be sure they are actually available. If there are only one or two available for example, the story could very well be in the process of checking someone out with those when you place the order. That means they wouldn't have one to fulfill your order. This is fairly standard with most retailers who offer in store pickup. What are you trying to purchase? Were you ever able to do so? What error message were you getting?