Replacement iphone 12 activation problems

Hello! I received a replacement device that was covered under limited warranty to replace my current iphone 12 which was having a display issue. I received the new phone in the mail, and followed the steps to activate, including transferring the SIM from old phone to new. My new phone has both a physical and digital SIM. At first, after putting the SIM card in the new phone I was able to make calls, receive SMS messages, etc. Then, I got a notification to complete activation which required me to input the IMEI number into a Verizon website. Ever since I did this, I now cannot make calls, receive texts, or anything. It is very frustrating and I have received no support from Verizon, even the 24/7 support chat feature will not respond. I am also very limited on the numbers I can call for support because I don't have service. Please help!

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Re: Replacement iphone 12 activation problems
Customer Service Rep

Sorry to learn you are having some trouble with the activation, hlcook16! We certainly want to make sure you are up and running! I've sent you a Private Note to best assist.-Nikki