Signal Issues on IPhone SE
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Problem: Unable to load webpages, watch content like YouTube, Signal strength constantly fluctuating at 1 - 2 bars

Device: Apple IPhone SE 2020


I have spoke with at least 10 different Verizon agents about this problem. Chatted with technical support about resetting network settings, statistics, checking zip code, etc. Yet this DID NOT solve the problem. So, I spoke with more agents and they sent me a new SIM card for the device but again, failed to solve the impending problem. 

Solutions: Currently none.

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Re: Signal Issues on IPhone SE
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Oh, no! That's definitely not the experience we want for you, gscenx. We want to ensure you're able to use all of the services your device has to offer, we'd be happy to do what we can to help. We'll be sending a Private Note, so please be on the lookout for that.



Re: Signal Issues on IPhone SE
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Can anyone come to my aid? For some reason there is no new posting option for me so I must hit reply to the most apropos post.

I just purchased a brand new prepaid Verizon iphone SE 2020 model upgrading from an old Verizon prepaid LG phone. I also have an ancient iphone 4 on another carrier. I have never seen the 2020 iphone SE go above two bars except for a fleeting nano second. It does not matter if I am inside the home or wandering outside looking for a better signal - it remains stuck in one to two bars while I can have the Verizon LG FLIP PHONE and my other iphone on another carrier at full bars right next to the brand new Verizon iphone SE.

Speed tests done on the old iphone with another carrier come back at acceptable ranges in the -30 range , the Verizon prepaid iphone SE 2020 model comes back with an atrocious -119 average even hitting upper -120's and -130's (I didn't know that was even possible). In other words, I'm in the deadest of dead zones.

I have hit 'reset network' 4 times approximately, I have checked LTE (other option is 3G on a 2020 phone) cellular data is on, I have tried wi-fi on connected but why should I have to pay for more wi-fi from a separate carrier to power a Verizon purchased plan. Verizon was always fabulous out where I live but as soon as I switched on the SE, hooooo boy, things changed.

I spent the entire day and evening yesterday talking (actually 'chatting' since no human is available!) with various 'tech support' people from Verizon who inevitably shunted me over to Apple who then shunted me back to Verizon. I can get no human who can answer basically anythings besides someone hinted that "there are a lot of complaints" about this particular phone and signal strength. That's probably the best 'hint' to go off of.  I am within the 14 day return window  but bought this on the strength of my known Verizon signal where I live, will be charged a $50 restocking fee, and have no certainty on purchasing another iphone offered by Verizon as it might end up with the same problem!

Also, Verizon phone chat gave me several numbers to call, I won't put them here, but one was supposed to be straight through for 'apple support'. When you dial you are given the option for a 'survey' as "congratulations!" you might be eligible for a "discount promo". Okay. First time I answered I was shunted through to a live human (first time encountering a real live voice via Verizon!) trying to sell me a MEDICAL DEVICE type emergency alert for 'seniors'. OMG! I'm hardly a senior needing one and quickly hung up. The second number Verizon chat 'tech support' gave me was for (I guess) the same medical device people and was an answering machine system. Wow. This is in the gray area of TCPA law. Please note that both times there was never an option to get out of that closed loop system and actually reach any type of 'tech support'. These are marketing numbers being handed out by Verizon tech support. I called back to note down exactly what is what and the first is the aforementioned medical alert type button one wears around the neck, if you bypass that first offer you are then bombarded with an other 'promo offer' of "free towing". When I declined that offer I was unceremoniously dumped and disconnected. No tech support. I just got done waiting on Verizon tech support chat religiously typing in "still here" for over an hour and never did get connected to a human.

I tried calling local vendors to see if they might have any ideas what is happening with Verizon's once stellar signal and or where my local cell towers are, if something has changed. No one knows so back to online searching lol. Something is not right, and I'm not being upsold to get a signal booster for another $369 etc in order to be able to use a brand new phone right out of the box. If I had any faith that Verizon would honor my purchase and not charge a restocking fee I might actually try to return the phone and get another type iphone, but the idea of then receiving another phone which will not give me a decent Verizon signal is not appealing, nor do I have faith in Verizon completing a return properly after the way things have been handled. I've already lost days of work messing with this phone, am not going in for another headache.

I've been with Verizon for gosh, I believe far over a decade - though on a rinky dink prepaid plan -but I loved you guys, and it used to be that your signal was the strongest out where I live, I had no problems with signal while others were struggling with their carriers. I need LTE and online reviews pointed to apple's 2020 iphone SE. I feel like I got sold a lemon and there's no option to fix it. Perhaps there are some network settings besides 'reset network' that could tweak the phone but apparently getting through to a human who knows something is beyond the scope of apple or Verizon. I'm a few short weeks away from ditching Verizon and bracing myself for another run-around horror story but purchasing a phone with a signal -134 speed testing is beyond bad.  Hope you've got some suggestions for me....