Storage full on phone - now it's frozen
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 IPhone SE 64 GB -- I'm not techy... use small words lol. This phone is old and doesn't have much storage, I get that. I use it for pix, a few apps, but mostly for phone, texting, and the Notes app for keeping lists. This morning it said I needed to free up space, so I tried to offload some unused apps. It froze. I tried to restart it and now it's just a black screen with the Apple logo... it's been like that for over 6 hours. I contacted Verizon chat, but the rep's suggestions didn't work. The closest Verizon store that is open is an hour away. Any suggestions?

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Re: Storage full on phone - now it's frozen
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lcg7 We are sad to learn you are having issues with your device. We have sent you a private note here on this platform.