Unable to Activate eSIM (Unlocked, T-Mobile Model)
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Hey Folks,

I've been struggling with a variety of support representatives for the last two weeks attempting to activate my iPhone 11 Pro's digital SIM on the Verizon network. I previously had an iPhone XS activated with the same setup.

While the phone was purchased through Apple's upgrade program (as a T-Mobile primary line)  and is unlocked, I've gone through several tickets and waiting periods to 'add the device to the DMD' with finally being told today that 'the non-Verizon model eSIMs are not approved for use on the Verizon network, and may be several months' - with the suggestion being that I return the phone and get a different model - which seems pretty silly since there's no hardware limitation preventing their use. It's strictly a configuration problem on Verizon's end. 

After four hours of phone calls and waits today, I'm at the end of my rope.  I've been unable to get an estimate for the system being updated to support these additional models and the consensus seems to be that none of the staff knows. 

Has anyone had luck getting an estimate on having these activations competed, or had similar issues with activating their secondary eSIM?







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Re: Unable to Activate eSIM (Unlocked, T-Mobile Model)

Was your issue ever resolved?  I have an unlocked AT&T.  trying to activate Verizon esim as long as you have.  Getting the run around from Verizon


Re: Unable to Activate eSIM (Unlocked, T-Mobile Model)

Me too!  Did you get yours resolved yet?