Verizon Apple Music Offer Issues with prior Family Account

I have a family plan in Apple Music (AM) that I established before getting my daughter an iPhone SE. I have an Xr. I thought I had it settled, but it looks like we somehow managed to get Verizon's offer activated for the free 3 months. Now that those three months are up, she cannot use Apple Music even though her Apple ID, linked to the Family account, is connected through Apple Music on her SE.

I am trying to get her Apple Music reestablished as it no longer allows her to play music either showing a message that "this content is not authorized" or some other such message.

I'm not interested in establishing an account through Verizon, but want my daughter to be able to access through my AM Family Plan.

I've done everything I can think of except swap SIM/ESIM as some have said. This is her first phone so we don't have an old SIM. I've signed her account out, back in - no change.

How can I set up her AM using her Apple ID attached to my AM Family plan without going through Verizon. I'm already paying $14.99 per month for a service and it seems like it is being blocked by Verizon to utilize that.

Has anyone had this same issue and what did you do to maintain payment through Apple but get the access across all family plan phones. I'm not interested in paying $9.99 per line (30% more than I am now per month) or increasing to a totally unlimited plan with Verizon.


Thanks for the assist!

Re: Verizon Apple Music Offer Issues with prior Family Account
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Osieber. We certainly don't want to block your daughter from accessing your Apple Music Family Plan and our services should not interfere with a paid subscription directly through Apple.


If not already, please use the link attached under Question #2 to ensure any Apple Music add on feature is removed from your My Verizon account and any lines in question.


Have you contacted Apple Support directly regarding this concern?